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Oh, what Spencerian brilliance. So we are supposed to defend our homelands against infidel invaders by lying supine, and bearing are behind, so you can mount us?

No thank you. Both to your insults, and your imperialism.

Allah is Great!

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When Muslims are not allowed to even speak as Muslims, when we are butchered and massacred in our own lands - I can understand my brothers, and while asking them not to participate in attacks againsts Westerners, I can undesrtand their hearts.


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Yes the world-wide Jihad is the sum of all the small Jihads - in every Muslims heart - to see a Muslim Ummah, restored, by means of a Califat. There is nothign wrong with that, is there? And even when we try to do it peacefully, you kill us and persecute us for it. Supposedly the Westerners are "open system" as your Poppers and Soroses would say - and yet you are not open to the possibility of an alternative truth to your own - that of Islam. So you persecute us. How pathetic, your "open system". Especially coming from a Christian radical like Spencer, who promotes crusades, and distorts the history of Islam.

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The Muslims of Nigeria are repressed by the Christians, and it is only fitting that Muslims through the world come to the aid of our Nigerian brothers.

Alahu Akbar.

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If the harbi is using his position, to proseletize to his fate - then of course he shold be fired.


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Mash'Allah - the soldiers of Allah march on. We have Iran, Saudi Arabia, half of Egypt, next Somalia and Pakistan. The Califat is rising - Yawm Ad-Din waits to swallow the hirabim.

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Mr. Fox quotes someone in Iran - and you run the story. Great investigative work - gumshoe! The workings of Iblis, the ways of the kuffar.

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Wearily the hour of al-Qiyāmah is upon us. The Humbled and the Proud shall be judged. The fall of Bharat is inevitable.