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I think it would be most appropriate if Sandusky were to be raped to death in prison.

But don't for a second forget about McQueary. As far as I'm concerned, for walking in that shower and seeing that horrific crime, and not going totally John Rambo on Sandusky, he's as big a coward as possible, and should be eliminated from the gene pool.

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I'm certain this is just another case of mistaken identity... ho ho ho.

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Another year, another gay pride parade, and another forum filled with mostly closed-minded individuals. Yes, I accept the ignorant for who they are, because, I'm truly all about diversity!

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I've got some mixed feelings on this one. Why did he really back out of his contract with Portland? Was he being soft, or perhaps, the Blazers incompetent medical staff was pressuring him to do more than he felt his knees could handle. Greg Oden made similar claims recently.

Either way, he's a good guy, but dammit, I honestly don't want to see him in another team's colors. Until next season, GO OKC ! ! !

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Another shocking story of "When Old Folks Behind The Wheel Attack".

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I half agree with you. If one was to ride the bus or MAX all day, then $5 isn't bad at all. Now, for someone like me, this latest fare increase amounts to little more than gouging. When the weather is less than ideal, I like to bus it to work. I only travel about 4-5 straight miles, maybe 7-8 actual road miles. I make one transfer, and in total, am actually on the bus for 30 minutes each way.

So, does it seem fair to you (or anyone else for that matter) that I should pay $2.50 for my ride to work? At this rate, I just assume give that money to a coworker or whoever, and get door to door service without the wait and smells!

The end of TriMet has been a long time coming, and this latest nonsense will most likely be the tipping point. I'm done. I can't afford the nonsense anymore.

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Some interesting points of view above. As one that's currently weening myself off my WhyMet dependence, I can assure the "Free Rail Zone" is the least of anyone's problems.

Eventually, it will cost damn near as much to ride the bus or MAX as it is to drive. Of course, you don't get to wait in the elements for late bus, get attacked by the Proud Portland Youth, or have a 300 pound woman fall on you when the bus driver nearly rear-ends the car in front of us (true story).

Dear WhyMet, consider this a break-up. Late, IH77

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TriMet is not like a cancerous growth, IT IS A CANCEROUS GROWTH ! ! !

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DON'T DO IT ! ! ! Don't give in to that b******t. I don't even live there. But please, don't totally go the way of sissy a** Oregon!

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I just love you guys. You do nothing but piss and moan about the Occupy protesters for breaking laws, etc. Then you have this particular demonstration. The organizers get their permits in order, keep their group together and well behaved, and they do it on a Sunday, avoiding any kind of conflict with weekday traffic. What do you all do? Label them scum, deadbeats, etc. Go figure.

You don't have to agree with the cause. But knocking those who chose to exercise their 1st amendment rights is a knock on yourself. Silence and oppress one's voice, and you do the same for all of us.