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I do find this to be a bit of an odd idea. It screams of "loose cannons" and the like.

It has made me think about integrating something in to our own church website as a tool for our members. Prayer chains exist in most churches and they work well as they are driven by a community and an intimacy that you can only get as part of a community. In our church its all done by phone and email - maybe digitaslising/automating this process, using the website to do so, could add more versatility to how its done..

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this is just wrong

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Jesus, Family,'s such a simple concept - why is it so hard to follo though!

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Wohoo - Client just called andset the deadline back by two weeks which turns this situation in to a "Hubbie WIN"

As to - "take your wife to work day" as a date - idea, that has been done before - she got through 8 episodes of Lost before getting a migrane but she did enjoy the day.

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Dude - i saw this and it reminded me of a very similar theme i had been trying to develop for myself so i went ahead and did a quick job on it:

Thanks for the reminder of this theme and for the on-going inspiration

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that's ace

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yeah, i had a bit of a cruch there too...

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I was really dorky,
then i got slightly cool,
then i went nerdy/geeky,
the nerdy became cool,
so I became cool,
but my geekiness lingered,
then i met my wife - coolness benchmark was set,
now i bathe in the after glow of those early days