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LMAO everything i wrote is true. you prefer propaganda. whistleblower? hawkins? aks as ASS ange. wtf did he blow the wistle on/? and what happened as a rsult of releasing that video. what happened was zilch,. nothing came of it ,except the sheeple ,gasped, AND CONDEMNED THE GOVT AND MILITARY. LOL AS FOR HAWKINS, WHO ADOPTED HIS MOTHER'S HUSBAND'S LAST NAME. explain wtf he and 4 others were not sent to prison in 1991 for hacking the pentagon? you are a pathetic dumbed down sheeple,who falls for govt BS. READILY. . it is fools such as you,who swallow govt swill eagerly that doom us all. unthinking and incapable of thinking. smh. pathetic.

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it is the flu. used by the elite idiots ro spread fear and panic to beneit themselves. trump blaming china is just another adhd moment to distract from the mess this hoax caused. as if the american jobless care who trump points the finger at. the fact that his front man,fauci, a bill gates stooge is at the forefront on this hoax is more than enough proof its not china that needs blamed. no one seems to undrstand the freudian slips made by pompeo and birx. pompeo blurting out its a military exercise. the same scenario was practced in a live drill at the naval academy in october after that infamous meeting with the fates foundation. too many are fooled and listen to the msm. propaganda

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what a BS article, this person is a 'sentimental " partner. ? lol lol hawkins aka ASSange is in no danger . these feeble attempts to bring this computer hacker to public attention are pathetic. everything whined about by this person is based on hearsay. anyone dumb enough to believe that this govt patsy did anything noteworthy needs to be sent to a unbrainwashing clinic.

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EXACTLY contrived puts it perfectly. too many choose to be hoodwinked and that is disturbing. no matter how much info provided to prove its a hoax ,the fearful dumbed down prefer to believe its real. smh. lately the fear porn has decided to claim that those who videoed the empty hospitals,and proved the lie is a lie are being targeted as "conspiracy nuts'. the elite did the same thing by corrupting the occupy wall street. the problem we,who see ,the BS for what it is are outnumbered by the gullible . the gullible now believe the very air we breathe is toxic,wearing stupid,useless ,face masks everywhere. smh the problem is how to wake the lemmings up.

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the manufactured fear porn about a "virus" that was just the seasonal flu with a scary new name is the last attempt by the empire before its collapse. the usa under the idiots such as trump,who was chosen for the part ,have shown the world how to fast track an empire to a banana republic in 3 months or less. the fact that the corrupt govt tried to hoodwink the entire country ,should be a wake up call,to americans . its time to reboot and broom D.C.

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all this blame game is to attempt to make trump look like a 'tough leader". nothing can do that. this "virus" is just the flu,hyped by fear mongering propaganda, the usual suspects of hyped doomsday epidemics are responsible, the WHO and CDC, both of which cater to the gates foundation and push ineffective poisonous vaccines. the fact that too many still believe a 'killer " virus is raging unchecked, yet miraculously spares the elite and heads of govts. i proof its a hoax. blaming china is just more BS.

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make that humans. all humans do is kill each other for one pretext or another. billions spent on weapons to kill each other. not much spent on making the planet a better place. humans are the lowest form of life on this planet. destruction is all they know. smh.

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end this hoax now!

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covid-19 does not exist. its all imaginary. meant to frighten the gullible into allowing the govt to take over our rights. smh

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take them to gitmo. its where they belong.