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What amazing views this apartment has! WOW! I'm not sure I could fit my whole family in there, but it may be fun for some weekend trips to Atlanta :)

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I am with those of you that think it is PA... And I couldn't be happier! We are stationed at Aberdeen Proving Ground and that is right down the street from that area (in Maryland)...which means that I get to go see the house!!! How exciting! I can't wait for the house to be built!

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WOW! I am relaxed already just looking at the pictures...and to think I thought I wouldn't get over losing the Green Home! HAHA! This is for sure a dream home!

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I have also just come over from the Green Home site...on to my next dream and it is going to be beautiful! I have been to Salt Lake City and to Park City for the Sundance Film Fest... it is gorgeous! And I am so happy that it is in the West... my dreams of moving closer to home (So. Cal) is still alive! Yippee! I like the 4 bedroom plan too! It is much better for us ppl with more than 2 kids and visiting family :) Cant wait to see the interior after it is decorated!!!!!

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Congratulations to you and your family! Enjoy is awesome! So so so so happy for you!!! :)

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Now this is just cruel and unusual punishment! HAHA! Jamie...please put me out of my misery! I can't take the waiting anymore! :)

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I agree with the other 2 posts! I look forward to reading yours daily! Thank you for making us smile...and please dont stop because of a few people that dont understand humor! HUGS!

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Thank you 888 for the dose of positivity this morning! I love it!!!

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which means....
a new day to make someone else smile too! :)

487 weeks ago @ HGTV Green Home - The "Rock-and-Roll" Ba... · 0 replies · +3 points how do you know this? Do you work for HGTV? Or are you quoting from something you read? Just curious.... :)