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Well said!

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Not only Friday sermons. All sermons in mosques need to be reviewed, revamped and rewritten. Sermons should be motivating, inspiring, educational, uplifting, contemporary and especially appealing to modern day young audiences. Sermons should not be like talking down to people, should not criticise other religions or race or cultures ( as some do). Sermons should address the audience directly, not always talking about "orang yang . . .". The person giving the sermon should not deliver it like he is all-knowing.

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The violence at Charlie Hebdo does not prove that there is limit to free speech. Extremists do not need any reason to act violently and inhumanely, and they don't choose their victims.

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Year after year we are sentenced to suffer of haze suffocation. Year after year BN government say they will solve the problem, but no action ever taken. BN government need to go after the culprits instead of focusing on going after people who voice different opinions and charging them with sedition. These culprits who are burning and polluting our air with unhealthy haze are criminals and committing treason. Why is the BN government not going after them and charging them?

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My son attended a BTN session. Yes, indeed, he came home feeling disgusted. As he has his own mind and the right to decide for himself, he could not be brainwashed by those sorry souls in BTN.

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Why shouldn't it be you who can win the Nobel Prize for Malaysia?

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What social contract? Respect and fulfill the Malaysia Agreement and ensure the the 18/20 Point Agreement with Sarawak and Sabah are implemented!

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If household income is that high, then why are there only a few people who are paying income tax?

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These are middle to upper class urbanites, I think. Somehow, I live and work in a few different geographical areas where I find a lot of people have racist tendencies and does not matter which race. I've worked in 2 companies that are 100% Chinese employees and I've worked in 3 companies that have 100% Malay employees. I think being mono-racial organization is not healthy.

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There are those in the police force with criminal records as well. There are gangsters in the police force, too! The cop who shot Norizan has not been charged. Those who caused the deaths of people held in custody have not been charged. Recently a drunken cop fire his gun outside a night spot in KL. Then there are the rogue police officers who protect the call girl racket and king pins of the flesh trade in the city. The list of gangsters in the police force goes on and on.