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haha that's not TOTAL control though man.

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I didn't care for the idea, or Justin Timberlake, but after watching the trailer, it has me hooked. Is this adapted from a book? Maybe Philip K Dick? Or is it a take off another movie like Logans Run you think?

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Why would you say something like that? It makes no sense. People become fans of a brand or product because they are happy with it. No one buys a product that sucks regardless of how much of a following the brand has. Thats a recipe for going out of business.

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Seems like a last-chance effort that will likely go no where.

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It doesn't seem like enough. Their COO likely has been on his way out. They need to split up the two CEO's, higher a decent designer and make some phones with some appeal.

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W00t, cant wait to see it this weekend!

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"Netflix’s subscriber base after September 1, the company will see a 22 percent decrease in subscription revenue and a 2 percent decrease in revenue per user."

Netflix had to predict something like this would happen. Don't companies like this higher firms to give them accurate models for revenue, growth etc for after they make a big change to a subscription plan? I am assuming they do. And if so, then Netflix has to be hedging their bets that people leaving now will either return, or they will same money switching more people over to a streaming-only model?

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Yahoo seems to be in desperation mode. I honestly think Hulu would be a terrible fit for them personally. I'm sure they are "checking out" Hulu purely to keep their shareholders happy. But spending all the money they have left in the bank $2 Billion) would leave Yahoo in an even worse situation.

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I would rather see Apple take Hulu than Microsoft or Yahoo.

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Agreed. But a lot of people still smoke pot with hookahs! :)