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Why does it look like Spike has no mouth? I still wouldn't mind getting it but it just looks a bit weird.

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I thought that the episode was good and probably like most people I wasn't expecting Wind Rider to be the culprit. Even though sometimes it looks like Rarity doesn't know what she's doing sometimes it's good to have attention to detail.

I do have one small complaint and it's not about the episode. The episode was done very well. My only complaint is the fact that she is getting three episodes in a row and we still have to wait for two weeks until we can focus on someone besides her.

It's not like I hate Rarity or anything like that. I just think when you have three episodes in a row starring the same character it's just way too much attention for her. It's a little bit like Applejack in season three when she was the star of almost every episode.

I just don't there to be numerous episodes in a row about the same character so people don't start getting tired about that certain character. But like I said, at least in two weeks we can finally break this trend of Rarity episodes. This was still a great episode nonetheless. 8.3/10.

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I thought that this was a very good episode, especially the plot and we even saw Pinkie Pie. If I had any problems with this episode, then I think that Moon Dancer took Twilight not going to her party WAY to seriously. Even I wouldn't be upset for all that time if it happened to me. But I still liked it. I give it an 8.5/10.

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I mainly meant the trio, but you are right. Other than those three the young yak and possibly the others were definitely much better than the trio.

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This episode was pretty good, but I have to agree with pretty much everyone here. Excuse my French, but for the most part the yaks were being total dicks. I understand towards the end that the ponies should have just kept Ponyvillie the way they like it and now how the yaks would like it, but it still doesn't give them the right to be so rude in this episode, even if they did get better towards the end.

But other than that, I still liked the episode. It had a good number of jokes, and it's nice to see Twilight getting all paranoid making sure everything had to be perfect for the yaks. And heck, they still managed to fit all of the Mane Six in this episode, including Spike. Considering this was going to mainly be a Pinkie Pie episode, I didn't think that the writers would bother putting him in the episode. I'm thankful that I was wrong. But it was a good episode but definitely not the best, and that mainly for the yaks's behavior.

I give it a 7.8/10.

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So even I will admit, this wasn't the best Spike episode of the series, but it was still good all in all. And if people were actually expecting this to be a perfect episode, even I wasn't expecting it to be one. After all, it's pretty much a tough act to follow after the 100th episode which many feel is the greatest episode of the season so far.

But like I said, it wasn't the greatest Spike episode (I still say that Equestria Games was the best for him) but all in all he realized that he went too far making decisions in Twilight's name, but he learned his mistake and everything turned out fine. Except for the ending though. I mean really?? Everything turns out well but Here We Go Again with the statue? I think that Spike had gone through enough already and didn't need more hate.

Overall, I give it a 8.5/10.

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Did you even read the description of the episode? It says that Spike will be making sure nothing disturbs her while she's studying but the power starts going to his head. It has nothing to do with tran sexuals. I think your looking a little TOO deep into this episode.

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When it's a Spike episode you know it's usually going to be good. Heck even when he isn't the star and just appears a lot like in Simple Ways and It's About Time, the episodes are usually very good.

I'm also happy that were are actually getting a picture of Spike for this episode. I say this because the other two Spike episodes (Inspiration Manifestation and Equestria Games) didn't even have him in the picture despite the fact that they starred him. They had to go and use Spitfire for both of those episode pics instead. (No offense towards Spitfire or anyone who likes her, of course)

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Can someone please post another link to this video? It says that it's private and I cannot view it at all when I try to play it.

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I'm not sure really what to say. I will admit that the message was a very good message, but all of those dream sequences were either very crazy or downright weird. I'm not saying that it was a bad episode but all of the weird dream sequences it had was just not what I was expecting. Not to mention the episode was almost completely All Just A Dream. And I had no idea that it was her shadow that was making her do all of the weird things. For a while I honestly thought someone was manipulating her like Starlight Glimmer. Hey, I know it's far fetched, but it could have been her doing the tormenting.

But like I said, despite the weirdness the dreams were it was still a very good episode. I give it a 8.5/10.