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I just see so many conservative and libertarians are stuck in liberal states. Have you not forgotten that states can break apart and form two new states? North and South Dakota comes to mind. I think, that when political divisions are so wide, and when one side can't live with the other then it is time for a separation. I'm not talking departing the United States but just suggesting that some states should split themselves in half so that people don't have to be subject to these stupid laws.

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The big difference between the left and Rick's 'snob' comment is that he isn't trying to use government power against the select group.

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I went to see Act of Valor. I gave it a thumbs up. It was much better than I thought it would be and a lot better than some of the garbage that comes out of liberal hollywood.

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I wish people got this but the first amendment is quite limited in that it says that congress shall pass no law. That is referring to the federal government so whenever a state judge makes a bad ruling on this a person can cite state constitution's protections for freedom of speech.

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I'm not really that pro-war but I do get tired of liberals seemingly going out of there way to rip into anything that is to American.

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Most liberals are convinced of their own moral superiority to conservatives. You see it everyday where liberals are shown as the positive while conservatives are shown in the negative. The next time you see a movie and their is a 'conservative' character you can be that that character has probably done something hideiosly evil.

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Has anyone asked if Jeb Bush is wrong? Why is he the standard that everyone else is judged by?

I do kind of see a lot of confusion within the republican party but mainly it is between conservatives and libertarians. Both are for capitalism and limited government but, as I see it, liberarians approach politics in the same way the left does.

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I really think that God missed. He meant to strike down a communist leader with cancer but instead of hitting Obama he hit this guy.

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Why should there be any pollitics whatsoever? I'm happy with both conservative and liberals being prohibited from using the classroom to advance a political agenda. Why should their be a difference between conservative and liberal MATH teachers when the subject itself is, by definition, not political in nature?

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I am on the fence on this. On one hand teachers and students should be able to discuss politics when it is appropriate but I've experienced teachers who knowingly use it to promote their own idealogy and that idealogy is usually liberal in nature.