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how about Oral Roberts?
in case any of you young kids don't remember, during those clinton-intern oral days, Gore Vidal gave the most moral
response to this Constitutional Dilemma by saying-
better to have oral sex in the white house than Oral Roberts in the oval office.

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not good enough. if libya rebels want our help, they must first sign a contract saying that if we pull their irons out of the fire, we get
50% of all their oil, -no make that 66% of their oil in the sand, and we don't pay them a penny. then we can take down the crazy colonel.
we should have made the same mercantile deal with kuwait and
iraq. why should we help these people without getting something out of it? since when are we some sort of charity NGO helping peoples for free. let's get our money's worth for the sacrifice of
american money, arms, and blood.

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yes, stox up because there's big money in Weapons! plus the Halliburton huge no-bid contracts... yep it sure does help to have

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with huckleberry leading the charge, the GOP debates will swing from "Obama is a muslin, born in Kenya" to Obama is a musleem
born in Indonesia". Bachmann will be delighted to join in the fun & madness along with the other republicans (GOP = God's Own Party."

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i thought bristol had already trademarked "Abstinence". or was it
"have a baby with abstinence?"

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julian: this is swedish justice; face it.

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when mitt becomes prez we can all have multiple wives.

no kidding, his grandpa moved to mexico so he could continue his wild polygamous ways! and his father may not have been born in the USA.

great family, but being mormons, they won't get the evangelicals to vote for them.

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scheiss, don't tell me now that Spinoza's pantheistic god is the equivalent of Jesus?
well, whosomeever caused the falling bridge, it happened during Paw-lend-me's term, so that makes him responsible, jesus or no lovely jesus.


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was he the guy responsible for the bridge that collapsed in Minnesota a few years ago?

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this is not the same weinberger who was pardoned by Bush Sr. during the nasty scandals..... no, that was Caspar.