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It is your right to believe whatever you want to believe about islam. Just don't force other people to submit, or worse, or kill them if they don't!

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Hmmm......... it's interesting to see you saying that muslims do not write Jesus was a dog, but didn't have any comment at all about Muslims burning churches.

Is it because burning churches is a Muslim thing? That's why thousands of churches have been burnt in Indonesia alone.

Oh, I know, I know. Of course you'd say that Muslims don't say Jesus was a dog, it's because you claim that Jesus was a Muslim. So saying Jesus was a dog would have been blasphemy for Muslims, but burning churches, killing and persecuting Christians are just what Muslims do as a matter of 'defending' their religion, or making people submit to Islam.

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Your questions show the mindset of Muslims who have been brainwashed and taught not to question and use critical thought, because doing so about the kuran is blasphemy.

Those questions are typical Muslims' because they just can't comprehend nor fathom, that other people's holy book are so unlike the koran, a 'revealed' book, a copy of the book in heaven.

The bible is NOT 'revealed'. Open your mind first and accept the fact that the bible is very different from the quran. Afterwards, go to the Christian websites to understand about the bible, it's contents and teachings. If you really read with comprehension you will see how those questions could have only been asked by a Muslim.

Your questions shows not only ignorance of the bible but also a closed up mindset thinking that it's similar to your copy of the koran in the muslim's heaven which should by now be populated by a number of 'martyrs', delighting in their eternal virgins.

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i LOVE that pic!

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quote:""These punishments amount to torture," said Tawanda Hondora, Amnesty's Africa deputy director." unquote

No kidding!

Chopping off hands and feet "amount" to torture, whether waterboarding of 3 terrorists (which has saved lives) at Gitmo IS torture????

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Hmmmmm .......... just another chapter taken from the islamists book, ie. force civilians to dangerous positions and when they're killed, blame the infidels. Or worse, tell the world that the men killed were 'farmers, etc'. They succeeded in having NATO on their side, including our gullible government at that time.

The massacre in Kosovo never happened, but reports of this nature was ignored.

Let's just hope that US Forces will be able to bring the whole truth out, but I don't think the MSM will tell the truth.

Islamic lies that have widespread consequences not only in terms of human lives, these lies were successful in portraying the muslims as victims, instead of perpetrators and liers that they are ----- Kosovo massacre, Mohammad al Dura

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The bar for the prosecution to prove guilt is of course higher in a criminal court. Besides these are two different courts, one is a criminal court, where he was acquitted, the other is an immigration court, an administrative court - so I don't believe it is 'double jeopardy'.

Like the article states ""knows, or has reason to believe, is engaged in or is likely to engage", should be easier to prove, methink. The US has every right to deny people entry or to deport people who the government thinks or even suspects of wanting to harm us. Isn't our government's first duty to protect us?

People always forget that it is a PRIVILEDGE for a non US citizen to be in the US and NOT a right.

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In the debate Raymond mentioned about the 'tolerant' verse of the Koran, ie. you have your religion I have mine. As I'm sure Raymond knew, this was not a tolerant verse. If read in context and also according to Maududi's interpretation (it used to be on the MAS USC website, but has now been purged), Mohammad said this in self defense, to protect his small band of religionists in Makkah from harassment.

Maybe we shouldn't mention this verse as an example of a tolerant verse like the Muslims would have us believe - it could be used by a Muslim to show that this is a tolerant verse by saying, look ......... (fill in the blank with the name of any prominent anti jihadist) even said so.

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It is a typical debate between a Muslim and a knowledgeable non Muslim. Raymond clearly explained the Koranic doctrine that justifies the violence committed by the jihadists and he also showed how the jihadists themselves said so.

Dabashi on the other hand, talked about atrocities committed by people from other religions and conveniently omitted the fact that these were not in accordance with their religions. As usual, the islamists only see incidents, without seeing the reasons behind them, ie. the invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan which he said was immoral, and that so many hundreds of thousands of people have been killed, again smugly omitting that many of the civilians killed could have been avoided if the muslims themselves hadn't use their womenfolk and children as convenient security shields. He also 'forgot' that many of the muslims in these countries were killed by other muslims. It's still going on today.

This fact he, of course, didn't mention at all. Muslims are killing other muslims, have been, and they will continue other muslims.

He couldn't differentiate between violent acts comitted by Muslims based on Islamic theology and violent acts comitted by non Muslims withoug any basis at all in their religion.

Again as is typical of people his ilk, he talked about many different topics, incidents where people who are not familiar with them would take what he said at face value, being ignorant about those topics. Of course he talked about a variety of things knowing that the other party wouldn't have enough time to refute all that.

Interesting was his question about what to do about the billions of Muslims in this world if Islam was inherently violent. He said that Muslims had the right to dignity (well, nobody in the west took their dignity away, it's muslims who did that to other muslims, look at Sudan for instance).

He said that Muslims in the States are sharing and contributing in civil society here. My reading on that statement is that they will continue, by stealth or otherwise, to make our laws, values and people to accept and include shariah. Scary!

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The pro Arabs/Muslim Greeks must have forgotten that during the Armenian massacre in neighbouring Ottoman Turkey in late 18th century and early 19th century, lots of Greeks were murdered as well.

Just like our present and previous administration have forgotten that the war on "terror" is actually a war on islamic supremacy which was dormant for 200 years or so, and was actually a continuation of the war which necessitated the birth of our great Navy.

Oops, correction. According to the present administration there is no war. terror or no terror, but only foreign contingencies.