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Amen Brother!!!
This site IS a tool, but, not THE tool.
When you have a common goal use all your resources to achieve it. This site happens to be one of the resources.

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This should piss off the unions to no end, they are losing jobs to plant and line shut downs, and now cars being made in China, WOW that one will not go over well. On a side note it seam as if the only things made in the USA is people, at some point this will all come back to bite us in the butt. I remember as a kid the older people used to say that the US will never be taken over by war, but will destroy itself from the inside, kind of looks like they were right.

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Sounds like redistribution of wealth. I think they will do the same with GM. What better way to do than tell everyone we need to bail them out and then let them file and just take it from us and give it to the unions.

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I am just about finished with Ron Paul's book "The Revolution - A Manifesto", this man could have been a founding father with what he belives and how he works as a congressman. I also have done a bunch of searching on youtube for Ron Paul, and to here him speak and answer questions, its like he is the only one that sound smart and sincere in his speaking. Ron Paul says what he means, and, means what he says!!! It is a shame the he didnt get as much coverage as over republicans during the campaign. Ron Paul would eat John McCain for lunch in a debate. I ask you all to read and search Ron Pauls views and decide for yourself, this is just my two cents worth.

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Not that I like to here about this or agree with it, but, They already know where we all live, how many live there, where you work, and how much money each home makes. We give it to them every year in a tax return.

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You are correct, there is no RIGHT to an education, a library, public roads, or fire protection, all these things are things we want, and help us in life. However they are not RIGHTS. We as tax payers get these things through taxes, so that make them all a SERVICE.

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I think alot of people would answer yes to your questions. We need to pay taxes for things like police, fire, schools, parks, roads, defence, because we all use them and need them. I have no problem with these taxes, as long as they use the money the way it should be used and they make cuts that can be made to save the taxpayers money. This is how people manage the home and should be the same in government.

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I was a Democrat in my younger years, and a Republican the last 10 years, now I am an American who after having my eyes opened believe in people not parties.
Here is my two cents worth on healthcare. Is it a right to have healthcare provided for every person in th US? Well is it right for every person to have a car, or own a house, if everyone is paying for it? My big issue with this is we will tell Dr's what they can do, how and when to do it, and what the Dr. can charge for his SERVICE. OK lets look at what it takes to become a Dr.. 4 years of undergrad school and you better have a 3.5 gpa in that time. Thousands will apply and only a few will get in at each school. Then 4 years of whatever entry level Dr. degree you get. Thats 8 years so far, then, if you futher your degree in a special field that could be another 2 - 4 years. You now have 10 - 12 years in schooling and debt on your back. Who the hell will want to go through all that to be told how to treat people and what to charge for it. I would think we would want the smartest people we can find to be Dr.'s. I think we will start to loose these people to other industries.

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I believe that all forms of government have greed, and all forms of business worship of profit (no profit no business), to point the finger at capitalism is a very blind statment.

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Goshen, but I am a transplant from Ohio. I travel the state of Indiana alot for my job and know of Tipton (pork festival) very well. I love Indy it is a great city, and as far as B-ton goes I just love the Oliver Winery.

From what I see & read about Texas, I would have no problem living there.