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Imagine the 3 stooges epidsode this would turn into if a bunch of people started deliberately posting things with all of the keywords, but completely innocent.

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I am finding my self really, *really* hoping that good ole Mitt can be the man that I am forced to hope that he can be.

I was going to throw Gary Johnson my vote, but now I guess it will go to Mitt, afterall. My state is bluer than blue, and I can't imagine a scenario where it won't go for Obama, but it is the one thing that I can do, I suppose.

THIS is why the TEA party was started and while I am pretty down in the dumps about this, hopefully this will spur the TEA party to really overtake the GOP and make change. What a crap day.

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I'm not surprised.
I am a public school teacher, and our union is asking for a raise, too. In this economy (not 30%, only 3.5%, but still - it's a lot to ask when local businesses are laying people off). It's a giant bummer. There are a growing minority of us asking the union to simply renew the existing contract and NOT ask for a raise, but sadly we are still in the minority. And then they wonder why the public gets fed up with us...

If you want an eye-opening experience, go to your local board of education budget meetings, though. There actually is plenty of money - it is just poorly spent. (I be that your school system is buying IPADs and paying redundant administrators 6-figure salaries...)

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Rock on, Florida!

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"if we get Mitt and he plays it right."

I am probably going to vote for Mitt in the general (although in my very, very, very blue state Mitt has no hope of winning, so I might throw a vote Gary Johnson's way), but I am not a passionate Mitt supporter. I just can't see him being strong enough to make a real difference. I guess I just don't have a lot of faith that Mitt will play it right. I see him playing it safe (politically, not necessarily for the country).

I do agree that China is a paper dragon. They trot the threat of China out to keep the masses tame.

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I agree with onecornpone. There is NO legitimate reason that people should go directly from unemployment to disability. If you were on unemployment, doesn't that mean that you were able-bodied enough to work before you lost your job?

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I agree.

Regardless of the truth (whatever it is), I think that the right needs to focus on the most important issue - the economy. Every single discussion about the election should come back to the economy. Because President Obama simply cannot win on that issue. Once he is voted out, THEN an impartial investigation can take place to determine the actual facts.

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"17 layers of Administration" "marxist administrators"

THAT is a large part of the problem - poor teachers, tenure, lack of parental support, special education syphoning 40% or more of the budget, unmotivated students, overblown political correctness, and unions all contribute, but the single biggest problem in public education is a bloated, hyper-political, useless Administration (in my opinion).

Charters, if done intelligently, are a step in the right direction.

~Independent76, a math teacher.

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Tried and convicted by the much for a jury of your peers.

I don't know what happened, I wasn't there. Neither was Spike Lee, Roseanne Barr, nor any of the black panthers.
To be honest, though, George's dad wasn't there, eithe - although he at least spoke with someone who was there.
This case needs to be investigated by the police, and not the media.

The use of this case as part of an agenda to fire up the democratic base is sickening.

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Is anyone surprised?