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The auto industry & the banking industry come to mind!! As long as you have Chinese money to bail you out!

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Silly...taking care of kids is the governments job. 17 year old girls just find someone to impregnate them because that's how they get their own welfare check & section 8 apartment when their momma is ready for them to fly the coop. It's a right of passage. You can't then expect them to actually keep track of those kids every day.

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While I agree with a lot you are saying....if they are correcting papers, preparing lessons & other things it takes to properly run a cl*** room they do not have a short work day. Few teachers are done the minute the bell rings & the kids go home. They do get some time off in summer, but again if they are doing their job at least a few of those weeks goes to setting up their lessons & cl***room for the next year, etc. That said, with a 40% drop out rate & the prevalent attitude, these things are probably not getting done. Who needs to grade when you just p*** every child anyway, and who needs to prepare lessons when you teach the kids politically correct 101 all day instead of math.
(Seriously?? every word that has the letters ass in it somewhere is bleeped? Too funny)

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Go up & whine. You all are getting exactly what you deserve. You voted for it over and over. Congratulations, Atlas is shrugging. You have finally bankrupted your meal tickets.

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Everyone...stop watching the popular vote polls so much. Start following the electoral count. Romney is doing well, but still has his work cut out for him! Colorado, New Hampshire, Iowa, Nevada, Ohio, & Virginia are the states to watch! And now maybe Penn? One can only pray. Look at voting histories for those states as well. I like that Real clear politics takes the latest 3 or so polls by everyone & averages them. They may be including some polls that are skewed toward Obama, but I would rather have that than to be over confident.

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I think at this point she wants to save the party brand for 2016. Obama has done serious damage to the Dem party, they are looking like a bunch of inept baffoons. She had to do something to avoid the "Carter effect" where the Dems get punished for 12+ years because she's getting too old to wait around that long!

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Everyone talks about how fearless & courageous Andrew was. Well, why was he that way? A man is bold & fearless in the face of a gigantic & powerful enemy because he is settled in his soul. He knows what he believes & why he believes it. When you believe that you have truth on your side, there is nothing to fear. The other thing that makes a man fearless is that he is the same man in public & private. He was not saying one thing & doing another as most libs do. He also knew his enemy well. This made him more bold. He had heard all of this lib crap his whole life & understood the mind set.

Of course I never knew Andrew.....but I admired him & LOVED to watch him at work confronting libs. He didn't take crap from anyone....ever. All we can hope for now is that when we lose a great man, it often causes reflection in others to the point that they start living their lives more like that great person. So let us all be more Breitbart-like from this day forward. Maybe we can fill the gap he has left & continue his work.

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Says the glassy eyed, foggy headed, life wasting stoner. Hey stoner...those weren't drag queens, they were prancing purple dragons & they were promising free weed to anyone who will vote for them.....yah.

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Okay...haha...that's so now I want CNN to photoshop Obama's head onto the body of a porn star.....seeing as he is such a political whore.
Just ask his little buddy Warren Buffet. Buffet will profit from Obama's recent decision with the Canadian pipeline. But I'm sure that is not payback for all Buffet has done for Obama.

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Yes, people can change....but most people most often do not. It really takes a lot to change, especially when you have an ego big enough to think you can make two women happy. Honestly, only deluded stupid men believe that. Real men know it's a lifetime challenge to make one woman happy! The only other possibility is that he is so utterly self centered that he doesn't even care if those he is in a relationship with are happy or not because it's all about him.

Plus, he's married to a woman who had no problem destroying an entire family....she's a liar and a cheat too. She didn't care who she hurt as long as she got what she wanted. And look at him!! She didn't and doesn't sleep with him for his looks for goodness sake! It's all about the power & prestige.

Bottom line is it's very hard to tell if they have changed....they got what they wanted. It's easy to say you have changed when you get your way. There's lots I disagree with Rick on, but this quote was on the money. Cheaters cheat, liars lie....doesn't really matter the circumstances.

Yes, we are all sinners & we can all change & forgiveness is what God demands.....but God does not demand that we trust with the running of our very lives people that are untrustworthy. Unfortunately, it's nearly impossible to tell if Newt has indeed changed from a selfish liar and cheat. Why would we take the chance with our lives just hoping that he has?? we really need another President in the Oval office in our lifetimes that can't keep his pants on?