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I do not like the mail in ballot. It makes Election Day and going to the polls as mundane as paying the bills. I miss talking to the nice older folks who man the tables who help me look for my name, seeing my neighbors and wondering if they are voting the same way as I am. Showing ID! Parents bring their kids and introducing them to the hows and whys.

Mail in ballots diminish voting to a chore and not the special day that it is.

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(sorry, no. They aren't right wingers.)

Tea Parties and townhalls were peaceful till word went out from the President himself to "hit back twice as hard". Now we have union muscle and craiglist paid protesters pushing and shouting down concerned citizens (a majority at townhalls are over 55!)...and plants in O's own townhalls. True- but you have to look past the mainstream media to report it on it.

Everything is in a hurry with this administration. Hurry and pass bills before the silly "we the people" know what happened. Take over industries and snitch on your neighbor- no worries. Funny, what would people say if this was happening under Booosh?!? Step back from the Kool-aid before the country is lost for pete's sake.

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Sorry, but the whole global warming issue has caused me to go from mildly sympathetic to it to completely fed up over hearing about it.

I'm tired of being lectured to be be green by celebrities, corporate commercials and the gov. I work at home, don't commute, so my carbon footprint is relatively small.

When I leave the house for a vacation every other year- I'd like to see the grand vistas of the US without zipping windmills in the way.

Green is now my least favorite color.

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Uh...really? Seriously? You're hopping into the WayBack machine to blame Reagan for our current economy? You should be reassured now that we have Carter II in the White House then. Everything will be just fine.

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I think they are just upset that they can't finger point at the ee-vil Repubs and foist the blame on them. Dems have controlled this state for a very long time. They also have every seat in gov. in the other WA too. How's that been working out for everyone?

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W's tax cuts were across all income levels. So, whether you make 40K or $400K your taxes will be going up next year.

And I'm a small business (sole proprietor). When I pay myself a salary I pay close to the same amount in taxes. O is going to raise the #SS tax now. So, it is likely that my taxes owed will equal what my paycheck is. I don't make 250K either and this new tax policy affects me.

Have you heard of the term- I'm going Galt? I am just about there.

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Obama returned the bust of Churchill to England... and then snubbed Gordon Brown on his first visit to the White House. I think the UK isn't quite as enamored with Obama as they used to be. Guess they didn't teach respect for tradition in community organizer school. Anyways, thanks for the dvds!

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"You know, I have more than enough to do without having to worry about the financial system." O said that a few days ago and says this today. Tomorrow we'll be back to a crisis if it suits his agenda.

Food for thought from the Wall Street Journal:

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Wow. Went from +37 to -18 in no time. Guess I struck a nerve.

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Yesterday, the market was the lowest its been in 6 years. Give Pres. Obama another week with his "catastrophe" talk it'll be the lowest in 8 years or more. With that, he'll wipe clean Pres. Bush's economy. The economy will become Obama's responsibility...and it will be sooner or later anyway.

The site is a just more fluff. At some point the campaigning has to stop. Pres. Obama has been office a month and I swear it seems like forever-and not in a good way.

Let the thumbs down begin. ;)