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ROBIN HOBB!!!! Mark would ADORE the Realm of the Elderlings. It's got some of the best characterization in fantasy, hands down. I love this series with all of my heart. Oh, Fitz.

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Goofus cannot truly respect anyone who likes him or enjoys his company because he knows he is fundamentally garbage. A person who has such low standards must have terrible judgement and is not worthy of empathy. He pushes and pushes the boundaries of what they deem acceptable behavior until they ultimately leave him, and he is satisfied that he has been proven right, alone again on his couch, chainsmoking. He is indifferent to his lungs.

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I saw this in the theater when I was 12 with my friend Helen because Titanic was sold out. We were super disappointed and had been gearing up for cryfest movie but instead had to settle for seeing a movie that we, at the time, were preparing to suffer through (even though we were 100% the target audience for it). There was a teenage couple sitting in front of us who spent the whole movie making out. Since we were awkward 6th graders resentful of their teen lust, we pelted them with Junior Mints periodically throughout the movie, which I remember being surprisingly delightful. I remember it not taking itself seriously at all, asking the audience to go on a candy colored, glittery fantasy romp and I spent years afterward defending it.
I haven't seen it since then, and I kind of don't want to taint the memory that really fun night.

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The phrase "towel drying" refers to any kind of drying with a towel, basically. Even scrunching with a towel isn't the best idea.
As for doing it wrong, this depends! If you have very straight hair that doesn't understand what frizz is, then wrap it in a towel all you like! If you have waves or curls and you like wrapping up your hair when wet, you might want to look into getting a turbie twist ( or plopping with a t shirt ( Again, the problem with terrycloth is those little teeth. Basically, you want a soft, smooth surface that will preserve the clumps.

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Frizz is hair that has escaped its clump (its hair friends that live next to it and together they form a clump or tendril). Terrycloth has those little teeth, and they break up clumps, causing frizz. T shirts, micro fiber, and paper towels are the best for drying hair. Don't rub, but rather scrunch (gathering a chunk of hair in your palm with the Tshirt between hair and hand, bring it up to your head, and squeeze it in a fist, repeat with the rest of your hairs).
Also important is to not comb it, or God forbid, brush it when wet. Detangling wet hair (unless in the shower with your hair coated in conditioner) is a bad idea because hair is at its weakest when wet so it'll cause massive breakage, in addition to separating the clumps and causing frizz. If you must detangle, wait until it's dry and use a wide tooth comb.

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Agreeing with everyone saying this is #notjustbrooklyn There's a KFC in my neighborhood and there are chicken bones EVERWHERE. You know what else is everywhere? FUCKING TRASHCANS.

Also, last summer, some boys in our neighborhood were terrified of Pups, and in an effort to make friends with her (I think???), they regularly threw chicken bones in our yard on the sly for weeks. It took us a while to figure out what the hell was going on, because she'd been having digestive problems that we couldn't diagnose, and she was always really interested in one corner of the yard, but of course by the time I investigated the bones were down her craw. One day I caught the little assholes at it and I yelled at them. Never in all my days have I wanted to murder children more.

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*lies on a bed of YA Fantasy, sighs contentedly*

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YEP. I went to my Protestant friend's church for Christmas one year in high school and I was kind of shocked at how plain everything was. I spent a long time making imagining making things bigger and covering them with gold. Everything's better huge and gold, imo.