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1. Chuck
2. Scottsbluff, NE. Recruiter for Summit Christian College.
3. Mac/Linux - NERD!

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Wow, I like what you're describing. I'm currently using your Simpl3 theme, and I'm looking to change the theme to switch it up. I love customization... and standards. So, like dips. :D

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Lots of fear out there... interested to read this.

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sounds interesting to me - tilt-a-whirls always freak me out a bit, but I'd like to read the book to see how the metaphor pans out throughout the book.

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eh, how about daily toffee?
Since you're aggregating information like a newspaper
or could be daily coffee or coff33 since it is coffee colors, depending on the amount of milk/cream/sugar in your coffee.

Just a thought.

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It is "authentically" showing a lack of vocabulary. That's what I think. What we say shouldn't be what is offensive... God's words should be. His word should offend and convict... we shouldn't have to use vulgar language to be authentic/offensive, unless we rely on our own words.