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"If it’s any comfort at all, I hope they know that all of us who had the privilege of knowing Andrew will do all we can to keep his memory alive and pick up and bear the standard he held so well."

Well said.
RIP Happy Warrior. We'll take it from here.

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Thank you Richmond, I needed that laugh.

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How is it that he is gone forever but Bill Maher is still here? I am stunned, and disappointed in God.

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This better be a very early April fools joke!

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I have watched and loved this show from day one. Trying to find the pineapple is an added bonus.

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He seems to have no moral compass.

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It didn't pass the smell test with me either. The original article said someone at the table of the so called wealthy banker got hold of the receipt and sent it viral. What didn't make sense was that I could not think that a banker would just let that receipt out of his hands if he indeed paid for that meal. I figured he would need that receipt for his expense report.

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Drill here. Drill now.

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He just wanted us to see his good side.

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I'm amazed at how patient God is with this man. I would have taken him out before Whitney Houston.
Maher lives his life for the here and now, Kirk lives his with eternity in mind.