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As soon as the video of TODAY is up in its entirety, I will post it. Sorry Lea, but this was from LAST YEAR. Oh, here is his SPEECH from LAST YEAR, 2009. Search engine is your BEST FRIEND. Denial is your WORST.

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I am running a blog titled "This Week With Barack Obama" and if you read much content, though some may be critical, it is pro-Obama. And I am an African-American, but no matter what color that should not matter neither.

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you are trippin. the man was a citizen of this country, born in VIRGINIA. it was not a terrorist attack but the excuse was USED because he did not want to fulfill his contract to the army by going to Afghanistan and serving the troops there. ft hood has been all over the news, but eventually it DIES DOWN. now of course, YOU would want it to be on going if what you are writing is TRUE, but guess what it is not. next take your racial talk somewhere else, just because the man does not look like you does not mean he is not American when, of course he is born and bred HERE. and take your terrorism talk to the fox news blogs, that is the only card the republicans ever used to the hilt and the reason why the two wars are actually FUCKED UP.

and a true american, please, i surely doubt that.

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touche! and fixed!! thanks!!

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I will check Digby out, but over in Indiana yesterday there was some meeting and the Hoosiers down state was HOTTER THAN HOT about Bayh and said he BETTER vote for a public option. Bayh is weaker than water, a total joke. But it was my girl, Rachel who had Glenn Greenwald on the other night and just tore UP Bayh and his wife, after that Bayh's tune changed. He totally walked back his statements supporting Lieberman and now he is for a public option. We need to get these ppl OUT OF OFFICE.

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Please, Canada storming our boarders?

Get with the FACTS and not with the Fox News facts.

My brother got sick in the UK and had to have his spleen taken out. To this DAY, he has never received a damn BILL. And he is fine.

We can spend in the BILLIONS and TRILLIONS on two wars that have brought this country very little but cost us greatly, but we don't have the decency to provide healthcare for our very own citizens.

Treatment cost more because we have more of it? Another, mo-fo, PLEASE.

I am recovering from a similar abdominal surgery I have 15 years ago. I had insurance THEN and NOW. Then I paid NOTHING, now a bill over 7K. The thought of the insurance industry passing the cost to us is VERY REAL.

Lastly, what you are stating is categorically BULLSHIT and filed as so.

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No one is asking President Obama to fix New Orleans, but the scheduling of his departure was off track. The problems of the Gulf Region is greater and will be here for decades, period. Barack Obama knows this. Just showing that "you care" gets you more political points than doing a drive by. Staying overnight would have given him greater political points to the public, than what we had with George W. Bush, who was a hoax. The Obama White House was wrong on not staying over in the Gulf Region, instead he looks like everyone else, omg, he is not suppose to be like every other politician, who drops through NOLA for the typical photo op, but that is what he looked like.

Sorry, but he would have gotten more real press staying over than looking like he was ready to FLY AWAY to SAN FRANCISO for a FUND RAISER, than stay with the people who really, truly need him.

Not hatin, just bein real. And will this be remembered? I doubt it. Not with balloon boy taking the air wave.

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What do you expect Obama to do? Rescind it? Give it back? Deny it?

I don't know what the Nobel Peace Prize Committee was thinking but I believe they were acknowledging the USA for voting for a change and new direction for the international community.

Barack Obama most of all was shocked and surprised at this.

Lastly, the Nobel Committee give these awards out to many who have not accomplished their goals, but for those who are working towards those goals, as Obama. And can you imagine him giving the award back because of what the GOP or Republicans are saying that he has not done anything? That would be an international travesty and a talking point to ride onto change at the ballot box.

I am hoping this award will remind him of what kind of President he wants to be, one who works towards peace and getting us out of the mess called Iraq and Afghanistan, or one who will continue to be a War President, like that of he predecessor, GWB. GWB will never get anything this distinguished after what he did to this country and abroad. NEVER.

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I am looking to redo and move this site after the first of the year. My surgery was unexpected, so it is a set back. But keep coming and watching.

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I just posted her picture. I have been checking for MONTHS and even emailed the WH why Jill Biden did not have an official photo. Thanks for reminding me, they must have posted this recently.