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So nice to see I'm not alone in this! My husband is of course my best friend, but after that would have to be my cousin who also lives far away. We're both constantly saying how difficult it is to not live near each other. I don't think reading blogs helps, he he. I'm constantly reading these blogs and feeling like I've found someone who could easily be my best friend, but really I'm only seeing a small snippet of that person... and if you're a blogger, you've probably got at least a few things in common with another blogger any ways right?
I've actually given up the search for a while since I'll be traveling so much soon and it would be silly to finally find my best friend ever and then move... but I wish you the best of look and I look forward to continuing my search again someday!

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Yes, GYPSY TRIP THIS SUMMER! Do it! Just do it!
In other news, if I haven't already commented about it, I do love this shorter hair on you.

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Ahhhhh, I must own that Chewbacca!!!!!!!

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I love it! Polka dots are my favorite. =]

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I love it... and I must make that baked cheese dip!!

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Aw, I love this. Everyone can follow these. =]

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I also like the Janice. I was surprised to find that I had already signed up for this somewhere along the way and I didn't really like any of the other choices that came up for me, so my style has apparently changed a lot between now and whenever that was!

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Aw bummer, would have been awesome to see you there!
I guess it was a fluorescent dye the airforce uses after a plane goes down, but doesn't it look scary?! My brother said it just felt like water... but he was pretty delirious by then so who knows?! =P

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Congratulations! '73 seems to be a great year because those are the ones we typically come across. =]
I would love to see your blog and your follow your journey, which sounds like it will be awesome, so please come back and let me know where you're blogging!
Thanks for stopping by and enjoy your journey!!

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I feel like I have a pretty similar body to you, except maybe more like how you would look if you ate way too much gluten free pasta.
I'm excited to see how you rock jeans and shorts because I didn't even OWN any jeans for over a year and I haven't worn shorts in a very long time. I'd like to change that!