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probably but i did this on my friends iphone that has never been jailbroken before it was on 4.2.1 and it worked fine. i only downloaded tinyumbrella to kick it out of recovery mode

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when you get a 1015 error, all you have to do is use a program like tinyumbrella to kick it out of recovery mode and it will be finished updating. i have a iphone 3gs 4.2.1 firmware and restored to stock 4.1 with 6.15.00 baseband last night then installed limerain last night and it worked perfectly fine.

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maybe your option key is broken, have you tried both options keys?

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for those of you who are on stuck on 4.2.1 with a bricked iphone or anything and want to downgrade to 4.1 like me with keeping the 6.15.00 baseband to still unlock follow these directs (tried this last night, and it worked perfectly, ive only tried it for iphone 3g and 3gs. old or new bootrom doesnt matter.

1. Download the stock 4.1 file for your phone

2.enter DFU mode. only DFU mode will work

3.restore in itunes using the option-click restore and point it at the original 4.1 file for your phone (I tried a custom but kept having problems, but you may know how to fix it)

4. once its finally installed you will get 1015 error, once you get this, just use tiny umbrella to exit recovery mode

5. install limerain and bam, there you go!

no credit for me, i found this on youtube

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k cool be a snob. and excuse me its not my phone its my friends and im sick of doing it for her. this is a forum for help so if your just gonna be rude, dont answer.

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help, just installed ultra and now stuck on the apple logo, 6.15 bb 3gs 4.2.1

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i have a jailbroken iphone 3gs on 4.2.1 with baseband 6.15 im sick of having to do the tethered boot everytimee it shuts off, i created a custom firmware with pwnage tool, but isnt it pointless restoring to that since the custom is also jailbroken?

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how did you make a custorm firmware with 4.2.1 when i direct pwnage tool to 4.2.1 for 3gs it says wrong bundle.

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ok, is there anyway i can just go back to a custom 4.2.1 3gs custom firmware, doesnt have to be jailbroken or anything. see its not my iphone 3gs its my friend, and she cant use the redsn0w reboot everytime her phone shuts off.

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but i have the old bootrom, shouldnt i be able to do a untethered?