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I'm sick of eating coled slaw, though. Where's the regular slaw. Can't scope out a single joint in this town serving slaw like they used to.

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"Babe I'll put my hands on your sides any day :^)"

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420th comment is so close I can almost smell it. Wait, that's my flatmates.

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Site is fully un-borked and functional at least! (apart from OP image.. I don't know what's up with it ==) we've yet to sort out a formal opening though.. email is a cumbersome medium :o
at this point I think you'll just have to lean on good faith and an "eventually" - which I know is a lot to ask out of halolzers in particular, but I feel certain things will be rolling within the next fortnight to month! If not, be assured that it is not in fact zero sum progress ;)
the only real barriers are pate-tico's free time (his semester should end this week or next, but do be generous about real-life commitments) and my site-fancifying (I procrastinate, but stuff has been done! I swear to god yall will be blown away by this photoshopping). it's not much barrier at all which is why I'm super optimistic about the near future. 8)

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You might be interested in this overview of the proposed EOTL map (which still exists in an unofficial capacity!); tl;dr it was entirely on track for inclusion before valve ultimately had their veto. I'm sure the mapmakers are most disappointed out of everyone after a year of love and labour, but they're doing a great job of not showing it and it's sad to see some of the responses not respect that (not yours! just people. youtube).
As for weapons, I can only assume that balance is a finicky thing (I could do some proper searching for if it was ever in the works, but effort); if we assume valve is too busy to offer any help (just let me have this), I imagine as a developer I would be uncomfortable with fans trying to pitch in without reference to internal documents, etc. In a sense that goes for the map too - it might've been too different and set some weird precedents for them as a studio. I would've still liked to see it unofficially endorsed, somehow; it's still early days, so let's wait and see if the map team get a better ending out of this.

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I'm not; I'm morally opposed to Free

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I moved to +1 you (for balance, for science) and then I recognised the subject matter and

[moral conflict intensifying]

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As the closest thing to a lesbian on this site (vaguely confident in this assumption), it is my humble opinion tho that schoolgirl yuri is some weak ass shiet


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Email sent!!

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I'm absolutely livid that this actually works. I'll never unhear either of these songs again.