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i kinda have a feeling that the rock is only there to witness reigns big moment and isn't actually gonna do anything important tonight

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let's be realistic she was just answering a hypothetical question BUT if the rock was ever to show up in tna everyone would be tuning in to see what happens

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should they just stop having storylines? do wwe really expect us to believe that these matches are real fights? do wwe really expect us to believe that mizdow is really miz's stunt double? do wwe really expect us to believe that kane is a demon ?

if you don't like what wrestling is don't watch what a retarded thing to say

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that's not a bad thing, it's a good thing!

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so roman reigns tells a horrible story and thats big show showing him up ? ridiculous

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he can always go back to the indies if it doesn't work out with wwe.. he's getting his debut now its all down to him whatever way you look at it you're always better off in wwe than you are in the indies and you only get 1 shot

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mick foley is worse than the biggest marks on lop going in huffs when things don't go his way grow up foley

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dude made a mistake if you've nothing worth saying don't say anything

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whos gonna headline the class though? john cena? randy orton? sheamus ?

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everyone was praising booker t the other night and now everyones complaining about the permanent move lol typical