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Weasel libs say: "We sincerely hope Palin is the Republican nominee in '12!" Amazing! I couldn't agree more! In a strictly political sense, I love the way libs see the world through blindered, rose-colored glasses. The chronic cultural problem is that they keep putting them back on every time they're knocked off.

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To Ms Loesch: excellent example, Leni Riefenstahl
The. Shoe. Is. On. The. Other. Foot. Co-opting the NEA (already far-left to begin with) in this manner is despicable.
What's another way of saying 'Liberal left'? 'Stinking hypocrites'. They were far more tolerable in their role as the disloyal opposition.

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If I were Joe Wilson, I would stand up on the floor and apologize for my 'breach of decorum', unlike many others (Dems) in the past who did not. And then, I would state, emphatically, that a lie is a lie is a lie, and no apology will ever be forthcoming for calling it out. Indeed, the apology is owed to Joe Wilson and his many American friends who were offended by the speaker's obfuscating assertions.

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Obama's writers' finely crafted rhetoric and (faulty) analogies still amount to unconstitutional coercion. Leave us alone. We're Americans, for God's sake! We're all Joe Wilson now.

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"I think you are going to see a conservative revival the likes of which have never been seen."

If these people take up where they left off in July, they ARE in trouble, the likes of which they have not seen in their lifetimes. We all feel it. It is the zeitgeist. Hell hath no fury like the American people scorned!

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Obama and Anthony V Jones are two peas from the same rabble-rousing pod called "social justice". Why would a soul mate vet a soul mate? As far as the MSM goes, why would a soul mate jump on a band wagon to denounce a soul mate? Human nature says it ain't a gonna happen. The MSM is no friend of the majority of Americans. See them for what they are.

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Grassroots is grassroots. That's why it's grassroots. It transcends "organization" (a tool of socialism). This Constitution-based movement is nothing less than the soul of America groaning (and now rising) under the weight of collectivist encroachment. As has been said, we yearn to live free.

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FTA: “There is simply no case for the pressure that we, who have been among the lowest emissions per capita, face to actually reduce emissions,” Jairam Ramesh said.

These people in Congress, Pelosi and her sniffing lapdog Waxman, are nuts. Waxman (i.e., Nostrilatu) cuts off our nose to spite our face. As the TV character Ralph Cramden was fond of saying, "One of these days [Dems], POW! To the moon!"

I can not believe this reality. Keep your powder dry.

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FTA "It was Cronkite who read the bulletins coming from Dallas when Kennedy was shot Nov. 22, 1963, interrupting a live CBS-TV broadcast of the soap opera "As the World Turns.""

I remember that day and that time. My mother wept, and her emotion spurred me to do the same, as we watched Walter Cronkite on the B&W TV.

I met him that day, and believed in him for years afterward, til I came to realize, Walter did his own editorializing in the midst of his news. I have been disappointed ever since, not so much in him, but in the liberal mindset that came to pervade American media.

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God, Bless America
God, Thank You for the gift of Liberty
God, Grant us the strength to hold back the forces of evil, resurgent

Defeat the unholy sludge that oozes from the DC