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Exactly what I thought. Why ask people to bring unloaded guns to church, and, btw, why in the world wouldn`t you be expected to carry a loaded gun into church, just like anywhere else?

I head a guy say once, that, certainly God provides, but he doesn`t drop the worms into the birds nest......

We`ve got to get everyone past this notion that the government should be our provider, and understand what our Founders knew.....that we`re indebted to God, and no one owes us anything.

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Has his illegal aunt, who`s been served deportation papers on multiple occasions ever finally left the country?

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Not sure what you expexted here Art. You sound like you don`t really belong here, IF, you really espouse what the messiah does, and that`s what it sounds like.

SOME negative reaction? He`s stated to muslim countries that we don`t consider ourselves to be a Christian nation, he apologizes for our "arrogance", he bows to freakin foreign heads-of-state.......paleeeeze! What do you expect from strongly pro-American Americans?

There`s certainly room here for everyone, but if you expect anything different than what you`ve seen, you`re drinking too much kool-aid.

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Here`s what I don`t get tho....when a British teacher allowed her students to name a teddy bear Mohammad, muslims worldwide took to the streets, demanding, and threatening her death. When, free speech, political cartoons depicted Mohammed in a light the muslims didn`t like, they again took to the streets, marching, protesting, threatening violence. Since 9/11, I`ve yet to see muslims in the streets, denouncing the attacks, denouncing violence against Israel or the U.S., so I have no faith that muslims denounce Bin Laden or the attacks on us.

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Jefferson stated that "The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants. " This wasn`t just a thoughtless quip, a pre-television political soundbite, this was a Founding Father, sharing wisdom that was years ahead of it`s time. Thoughtful, sound, reasonable, and deadly serious.

It`s past time that we demanded that politicians understand that they work for us, not the other way around, and that when we write them, it isn`t with suggestions, it`s with their job description. If someone is offended by our flag, tough shit, and there should be hell to pay for even suggesting that in America. If we don`t stand up, and stand up TODAY, all may be lost.

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We live in a time, and in a country, where, everyone has rights, but nobody has any responsibility. We`ve heard obama tell the muslins that the United States doesn`t consider itself a Christian nation. We`ve seen politicians from both major parties lie to us, ignore us when we demand real change and accountability. We`ve seen God, and Christ stricken from the public square, while homosexuality and hedonism are touted and glorified. We`ve been told we musn`t offend anyone with our God, or our Patriotism, no matter this country WAS founded on Christian beliefs, and Patriots have given the supreme sacrifice to keep this country safe and secure. I understand Glenn can`t say that we may need to forcefully take our country back, and maybe he even believes that, but I don`t any longer. The Founders understood full well, that with time, tyranny may force us to start the government anew, and when they continue to ignore us, when they continue to push God out of the public square, when this, so called president, panders to the muslims, and says we`re not a Christian nation, when an American flag is taken down because it offends someone, we`ve reached that point.

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geraldo is a loser, and I can`t believe Fox has him on. He gives everything a Tabloid feel, kinda slimy. He`s very openly leftie on most issues, and he adds nothing to the channel. I whis they`d just dump him.

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Funny thing is, you just described Bush....but nah, nobody wants the truth.

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Pray for Israel, as well as for the United States. This, so called, president is a discrace to this country, and is a traitor to the Constitution.

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I was stunned when obama said, "The US doesn`t consider itself a Christian Nation........" Dunno who exactly he thinks he speaks for, but it certainly isn`t me.