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Only new council jobs that should be created in the current economic climate are in the Deportation & Repatriation Department.

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If only all interviews were like this. They must be getting worried as the "corrections" to the postal vote have started already!

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How would Gormless have got on in times gone by? I can remember the 70's and attending meetings where the likes of Tony Benn, Michael Foot and even Ted Heath revelled in dealing with hecklers and people who disagreed with them. At one Benn asked the heckler if they would like to come onto the platform while he went in the audience and did the heckling, heckler quickly departed the hall.

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Programme guide shows BNP manifesto launch on BBC Parliament at Noon and what do I see, a Con conference going on until 12.15, a short on where the phrase "toe the line" originates and then the DUP, a party putting up just 18 candidates.

What happened, the BBC toeing the NUJ line and refusing to show us?

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I expect the WWF will claim they are protecting three endangered species.

There will be reform Mark but only to ensure that the smaller parties are excluded so the liblabconmen can continue to feed at the trough infinitum.

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"They can see that what amounts to an amnesty will simply encourage further illegal immigration as both Italy with five amnesties and Spain with six in the past 25 years have found to their cost."

Not as many as there could be as I expect a fair few, as EUSSR residents, have been able to travel here for a life of luxury at our expense.

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Wouldn't the truth's of Gordon Brown be easier..............................................


Anyone add any more?

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I confused as when Joel Weiner was on Question Time he was from North London yet last night he appeared in an audience recruited from a 30 mile radius of Manchester. Perhaps they asked for Manchester United supporters and thought they all lived in and around Manchester ;)

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In Peterborough only two weeks and already in a council house and drawing benefit......

At 27 years old I expect she'll produce many more sources of unearned income over the next 10 to 15 years.

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That's 1.6 million LEGAL jobs taken by immigrants, who knows how many more are working cash in hand. Remember that when you take into account all those under state retirement age without employment, not that those who have taken early retirement necessarily want to work, the true unemployment figure is around 8 million.