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I'm looking for all of Supernatural. Anything you've got would be great!

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Looking to watch some older projects! Anyone have links for:

Agent Carter
The Legend of Korra

Thank you much!

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I have been refreshing everything waiting for you to react to this! Some additional thoughts:

Did Obsidian look familiar? Like a certain temple built into the side of a mountain that we've see time and again? I'm still wondering why or how the temple ended up looking like that, but I'm happy to finally meet her!

We've met Rainbow Quartz before! Well, kinda. Pearl and Rose fused in Story for Steven. That's why this RQ is 2.0! It's cool to see the similarities and differences.

"I'm particularly excited about the jacket." ME TOO PEARL YOU FUCKIGN LESBIAN

I love that Peridot straight up brought a trash can lid with her to Homeworld. She's such a dork and I love her.

Anyway, everything happens so much and I'm still in shock.

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Since I don't think anyone else has mentioned it: Tad Cooper is kind of a dragon. He's actually a type of lizard called a Bearded Dragon. They're very friendly and make great pets, so if you ever want a tiny pet dragon I recommend them

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An interesting parallel: in "Now We're Only Falling Apart", Sapphire realized that, even though the Crystal Gems thought they were following Rose, Rose was actually following them. In "Made of Honor", Bismuth points out that, even though Steven thought he was following the Crystal Gems, they're actually following him. Also in these two episodes, Sapphire says "She made me believe in a better future that I couldn't see" and Bismuth says "Someone's making them believe in the future". An overarching theme in the past has been Steven worrying that he won't live up to everything his mother was, but these episodes show that he's already being everything people thought his mother was, all by being nothing more than himself.

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I feel like we met five new gems! (Outside of The Answer, I mean):

Gems who had lines spoken by themselves: Sardonyx, Yellow Diamond, Yellow Pearl

Gems who were well defined, but had lines spoken by someone else: Blue Diamond (lines spoken by Garnet)

Gems with no lines: Blue Pearl, Rainbow Quartz

Plus all the undefined gems in The Answer and the gem mutants, if you want to count them. But, even if you don't, there were six new gems throughout the season! Most of whom had lines. So I definitely say yes for that one.