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Kane never had a physique which made me think he was on any sort of steroid or PED. He's just a big guy.

What's next? He was complacent in the Benoit murders?

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It's not the point that he said those things, it's that since he said those things he turned his life around, so both the sex tape and the racial slurs were kind of his past coming back to haunt him. It wasn't like he said them the weekend of WM30.

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I don't defend the guy for what he said, but I think he got a raw deal to some extent because during the time he had actually said those things and the time when those videos were actually released, a lot happened to him. Like hitting rock bottom with his son and the divorce, almost committing suicide, finding religion, etc. He wasn't the same arrogant person he was when he was saying those things, and I think it shows when how it came out he didn't fight it and just owned up to it.

That said, his apology tour isn't doing him any favors.

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Oh get over yourselves. The GA isn't SeaWorld or some roadside attraction which leaves its animals in subpar conditions. They have a whole institute for marine biology research they do, rehab animals, breeding programs etc. Most of those animals in there have a memory span that rivals an alzheimers patient anyways, they're fine.

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Hogan also had gone through a lifestyle change between the time he said those things and the time it was made public. So I think that should be taken into consideration. It wasn't like he had said those the night before Wrestlemania 30. He had hit rock bottom, came close to suicide, and rose back up from there and became a much better human.

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I think it was just to build up Stroman as an unstoppable monster face and that he could literally just pull someone out of the crowd and beat the tag team champions, no less any singles competitor.

I get the idea, but its totally ruined the division.

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It was a promotion made by Alamo Drafhouse and was like just a few viewings. It's not a big deal...again, if I have a problem with it, in a free market economy, I can just go down the road to the Regal and watch the same film. There isn't some state-sanctioned decree saying that Wonder Woman will only be shown to women in theaters and if men want to see it, they have to be accompanied by a woman who has granted them permission, otherwise they will be jailed and given 1000 lashes, like they do in Saudi Arabia over stupid, minscule things like talking about sex in public or mingling with members of the opposite sex who aren't direct relatives.

If we weren't so dependent on SA for oil, we'd have them on a list with North Korea and Uzbekistan.

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Those were like one-off promotions. A guy could easily walk in to any movie theater that Wonder Woman is being played in and buy a ticket without issue. And even if he did manage to try to be edgy and be the odd-man out in those women-only viewings, he's not going to be flogged in public over it.

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Yeah but those women were only there because they were able to get a male counterpart to bring them with their permission.

Yes, its an improvement, but the Saudis are still in the stone age when it comes to the treatment of women.

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This whole thing reminds me of the time WCW teamed up with New Japan for an event in North Korea. Those guys (especially Scott Norton) have some stories to tell from that whole experience.