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Esticles the testicles no more!? Say it ain't so!!!!
So does anyone else always expect some blowhard who is yacking on and on about jebus this and jebus that and magic man this and magic man that to just burst out laughing and say, "just kidding! who would believe that crap?"

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The child was healed--she was taken away from our "imperfect, fallen" world into the Kingdom of Heaven by God. She is already risen up and is "Dancing with the Stars" in the stars...

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"There is no way someone who is intellectually honest would print this garbage." I guess his blog is not actually printed out, so maybe he can pass his own test?

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A religious wacko and a lunatic at the same time? Never!

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Wait, wait, wait! Why is the Canadian govt persecuting the Catholic church? What right had they to even look at the Bishop's computer? It looks like a witchhunt, plain and simple. When is the Vatican going to get on this and sue Canada for this injustice? The poor little Catholic church is being persecuted by those non-Catholic Canadians! It is anti-Catholic!!!!

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SIN!!!! It was the Devil made him do it. Tempting him with delicious pics/vids of kiddies... what is the weak-willed to do? Maybe a few more Jesus wafers for sustenance? Kind of like a Scooby snack, but for pedos?

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So does anyone think he told his "confessor" about this? How much pennance has he to do?

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At least some of those in the Vatican have pulses and are still alive!

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Little boys don't have hymens...
So what are those dirty nutjobs complaning about? It is not like they are used to having one around....
I guess they are probably used to the blood thing, though, and want their 8 year-old wives to bleed like their boy-lovers...
Of course we would not want to be unfair and paint all Muslims with the same brush, would we? There are others who have their sexual rage pent up and can finally let it out via suicide bombing....

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Let's let Islam spread in the US because of the toleration granted here... and then let Islamic intolerance become the law of the land.....
To my mind, that is the saving grace of Christianity. Christianity, whilst stupid and illogical, is not (I know there are plenty of counter-examples, Jesuits for instance spring to mind, the Inquisition, current efforts against AIDS, condoms, etc.) generally now actively murdering people like Islam is. I can deal with a bunch of holier-than-thou asses who want to preach their vitrol easier than I could deal with a bunch of fanatics who want to murder me for not being Islamic.
I have believed for a long time that Islam is where Christianity was at during the Crusades--still in the Dark Ages. The only difference I see is that the terrorists of today can kill a lot more people--the mindset is still the same, however.