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Another thing I was impressed with was Stracynski taking the time and effort to show all of the crew who worked behind the scenes to make the show what it was. The cast is obviously important, they bring the show to life but the crew is as important as well, they keep the show running. JMS included any crew member that wanted to be in the Zocalo scene in Objects At Rest and then he does a montage of every crew member at the end of Sil (he even included the catering crew). I've never known any series to pay respect to the crew. JMS is a true mensch.

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And I am still angry at Firefly being canceled, one the best series since Babylon 5. I really thought it would at least equal, if not surpassed, Babylon 5. 13 episodes just can't compete with 110, but at least we got a very good concluding movie.

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Yep, that's the scene that I can't make it past without becoming overly emotional (the other one is the destruction of the B5 station). I love the fact that Sheridan is still by her side until she turns to look and he's gone. JMS has a talent for creating very powerful, moving scenes and no word needs to be spoken. I rank this scene up there with the Agamemnon ramming through the last defense platform.

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OGJ, V srry yvxr punatvat zl hfreanzr gb Ntenwnt :D

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Since this is the last episode of Babylon 5 I want to tell my experience with this series. I watched this series when it first aired in the 90's (on PTEN) and although I missed the pilot movie "The Gathering" I was able to watch it from S1E1 (Midnight on the Firing Line). I did not like this show to start with. I really did think it was nothing more than a cheap DS9 rip-off (I still can't believe how wrong I was about that). G'Kar? A cheap klingon character at best and the less said about that godawful Centauri hair the better. Sinclair? I hope there's no termites or woodpeckers on that station. Vir? Who in their right mind would cast Flounder in a sci-f series? I watched the show to start with just to do my own MST3K on it. The one thing that I did like about the series, even in S1 was the CGI. I still can't believe how incredible the CGI looked then. Babylon 5 was the first TV series to use exclusively CGI and I still defend it today. Actually, Babylon 5 was ground-breaking in so many ways, not just CGI.

The first episode I realized that something special was happening was Believers. While not my favorite episode, I knew Star Trek would never do that ending. When I saw Signs and Portents that was the episode that changed my mind about Babylon 5 and the series just kept getting better. One thing PTEN did wrong was the way they scheduled the episodes. PTEN would show ~2 months of new shows then show reruns for ~1-1 1/2 months. They would also show a season finale and then show the next season premiere the very next week! I was out of town when Babylon Squared was shown (forgot to set the VCR) but I just knew PTEN would show that episode during the reruns. They did not. One of the key episodes for the series and I had to wait for TNT to show it many years later (aaaarrrggghhhh).

Babylon 5 is a very unique series. A single, coherent, consistent story told over the span of 5 seasons and while there are stinker episodes, I've still not seen any story in any other series that can equal Severed Dreams or Endgame.

I wish I had known about this site last September. I can no longer view the series for the first time again so I always look forward to reading a first-time viewer's comments and thoughts (and especially for certain key episodes). Looks like I'll be reading this site for the next few months.

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Didn't mean to make you sad. Vir ended up being one of my favorite characters and now I feel bad for all the bad things I said about Stephen Furst at the beginning. I was expecting him to be Flounder and that was my mistake.

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Ahh, Sleeping In Light. What a great way to end the series. We get to see Lorien again (can never get enough of Lorien) :) and Sheridan goes "beyond the rim". I thought it was a nice touch to have Lorien ask the fundamental questions raised in B5...Who are You? What do you want? Why are you here? Where are you going? One lucky occurrence is that SiL was filmed in season 4 when it looked like there would be no season 5 which allowed Susan Ivanova to be in this episode (and a series finale without Ivanova just wouldn't be right).

I knew this was going to be an emotional episode and I can almost make it through without lacrimating until one scene towards the end...it gets me every time (yes, I picked that word intentionally...I don't want to say SiL can reduce a 42 year old man to tears). The DVD has several deleted scenes and one in particular I wish was in this episode. Sheridan is walking alone through a corridor on Babylon 5 before the decommissioning ceremony* and he sees a piece of trash laying on the floor. He picks it up and puts it in the trashcan....doesn't make a bit of difference if the trash is thrown away or not and yet Sheridan still feels the need to throw the trash away....and I understand why.

Don't know if this needs to be rot13 or not, but better safe than sorry
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To absent friends....in memory, still bright
Richard Biggs (Dr. Stephen Franklin) Tim Choate (Zathras) Andreas Katsulas (G'kar) Jeff Conaway (Zack Allan) Michael O'Hare (Cmdr. Jeffrey Sinclair) Jerry Doyle (Michael Garibaldi) Stephen Furst (Vir Cotto)

*another scene I can't make it through without lacrimating. And I should add that Christopher Franke did an outstanding, incredible job on the music for the entire series, not just this episode. I keep forgetting how important the music is on this series.

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Wow, I came to this party pretty damn late (Mark will be watching the series finale next). I have watched Babylon 5 so many times that it has become my all-time favorite sci-fi series by far. I've have never seen anything like it before or since and I doubt I ever will. JMS did a truly tremendous job creating this show, he has raised the bar on what I expect from a sci-fi series.

For the people who are watching this show for the first time, I truly envy you. You got to discover a diamond of a series and to see the Babylon 5 story unfold over 5 great seasons. I hope all of you enjoyed the ride. :)