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he must have eaten too much budu busuk that why he gave lousy comment.

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congratulation syed mohktar , carry on the good work ,your are my idol ,we must be in the games all the time.
To those aspiring to take over Putrjaya ,will see who will get the upper hand when it matters.

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yeah please do the balancing act carefully ,base on the current strategies that has been formulated.
Dynamics of world economy need constant adjustment and balancing .

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Mat arip ni pun fikir dia sorang yang smart je yang pandai, smart buat komen dan itu ini.
Perasan mentang mentang pandai goreng pisang.

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Not surprise at all YIK which is under the perview of Kelantan Pas state government sold that land for 30M to EKSB own by Dap members, What is friend for after all!.
It shows the same old typical hopeless traits in greymatter of pas members ,obsolutely do not want and know how to run business or manage economy, always desire the easy way to have money -sell, sell whatever can be sold . No wonder Kelantan stay backward .

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Reuter said petronas is funding 45% of national budget, 2013 is more than 200billions, so cannot be 30billions ,conflicting mumbo jumbo figures!.
30% profit sound like not far from corporate tax bracket of 25 % so what a big deal.
Forcing petronas to pay 30billions to government without fail no matter what happen to oil prices and business conditions has got its pros and cons for both sides and inbuilt element of certainty,responsibility and compliance on petornas.
Since petronas contribution is quite high ,to plan national budget base on price oil like Saudi ,OPec countries plus with debt limit approaching 55% need serious in depth evaluation.

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Analisis perangkaan boleh dikaji dari berbagai sudut yang memberi berbagai tanggapan yang tepat dan tidak realistik.
Gaji saorang peon dan despatch rider EPF pada tahun 1969 adalah sekitar Rm 99.00 ke RM 125.00 sahaja. Berapa kah gaji pekerje am rendah atau penghantar surat dalan jabatan kerajaan dan swasta (skynet,nationwide,Gdex,dhl etc sekarang)..ciput juga
Ada 1.3 juta kakitangan kerajaan kebanyakkan bumiputra dengan gaji rendah dan berapa kah upah yang dibayar tauke kilang perabut,simen,eletronik dari syarikat mutinational kepada syarikat yang tersenarai di bursa saham.
Pembangunan hartanah dan infrastructure yang berlaku sejak 50 tahun telah dijalankan oleh syarikat gergasi tetapi siapa kah subcontraktor dan buruh yang gaji 'cekik darah'.
Apa yang belaku bukan kerana ada Baron Malaysia yang disebut ,yang pasti harga getah ,kelapa sawit bukan lagi Rm 500 setan dan getah 45sen sekilo. minyak 65 sen seliter.

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Judging by the economic scales that are happening in in south east asia and the way theirs citizens move around with whatever developments in infrastructures ,thats those governments managed to do after the crisis,Malaysia has done extremely well, Travel and see for yourself with cheap Airasia fare ,Sumatara,Java ,South Thailand, Phillipine,Vietnam ,etc Of course can't beat Singapore as where the mother of all business happening.
To buy gold as a jewellery is good . Genneva gold is harnessing the unsatiable
greed in human mind. Business model that promises constant high return
base on the premise that gold prices will keep rising indefinitely .
The bull run has stop the big boys are cashing out.
Serve them right

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No doubt he has healthy mind, the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak, sound mind alone as a religious teacher undeniably is sufficient to deal with mundane rituals but to offer himself again to be elected again as leader that ruled Kelantan for decades with obvious uncommendable progress economically is ridiculous.
To deal with debt limit,illicit money laundarying,economi plannings and state developments ,needless to say state with highest birthrate ,need more than just a conscious brain.

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Anwar mentioned economic management in his last sentence, he was a finance minister and i must say i was disappointed ,.