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Just a thought. How hard would it be to pass a few laws to correct the existing problems? 1 - There are no pre-existing conditions. 2 - If you live in the US, you must possess mimimum health care insurance - just like for your car. (You do buy your car insurance, not the government.) I see no reason why each state can't make up their minds what constitutes basic insurance, they managed it for my car. 3 - If you are not a citizen or have a green card, we ship your butt back to whereever like the hopsital did in Florida or hold you for ICE and they ship you back. No exceptions.

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Isn't the defination of a statesman or in this case, a stateswoman, putting the country ahead of self? What an odd concept. I also noted that she put her husband and children ahead of politics. What a really odd concept! This is a person of ..... gasp! ..... ethics. Can't wait to vote for her.

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Interesting comments. Most of them follow the approved propaganda lines. People, wake up. This is a HUGE INDUSTRY out there. Billions are spent on telling you what to eat, how to eat, how to diet, how to gain, and we, the people, have been like good little sheep in following along. Pay attention to your own body, look at your family, and make your own decision. No food is bad, it is HOW MUCH OF IT YOU EAT AND HOW OFTEN. Got any idea how many additives are in your food? Might want to pay attention to that.

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If nothing else, it is giving people a crash course in reality!

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I used to be president of a homeowner's association. We were required to follow the laws of the state, county, city, etc. Owners had the right to sue us for silly stuff. An attempt to ban the size, location and display of the American flag was tried by a previous administration. Association homeowners vote for the board of directors. The Board was sued in the above case. The owner won because the association rules did not conform to federal, state, county or city laws. Military vehicle passes are issued at military bases/posts. This is done under federal laws, I seriously doubt that any homeowner's association can super cede federal laws. Hm? Why hasn't the military retiree called the nearest base and gotten an appointment with the legal office? They can take action. Also he could make a complaint to the Disciplinary Control Board of that military establishment. They have the authority to put the association "off limits". I think it is strange this military person does not know any of the above. This is basic legal affairs for military inductees.

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The only way for credit card reform is to truly reform it. Return to the usury limits of yesteryear which were removed at the request of credit companies and banks about 35 to 40 years ago. Usury laws originally tied interest rates charged directly to just above the rate charged by the FED, within a couple of percentage points. Imagine paying a true interest rate of less than 5% for cars, homes, credit cards, etc.? What a thought. If you want to stop being ripped off then you have to stop paying the horrendous interest rates. It is your money, why shouldn't you be the one to decide how you spend it?

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Perhaps you might like to read some books written by Ayn Rand nearly 60 years ago. Try "Atlas Shrugged" for starters. You might recognize some of the political schemes being put forth before the American public. Your library has them, I am sure.

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Hum...... Bad President Bush when the price of gasoline was almost $4.50+ a gallon said, "drill offshore". The price of gas went down below $2.00 a gallon. Good President Obama said, "no more drilling". The price of gas is fast going back up. We, the tax paying citizens "bailed" out the banks with our tax money. The banks are not lending it to us. However, they are buying "commodities". In other words, they are speculating on oil thereby driving the price back up. How dumb do you have to be to understand cause and effect?

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Perhaps we could start by Reganizing the unions. You know like President Regan did with the air traffic controllers. With layoffs at 10 to 18 pecent, that might help.

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There are people who live in the north in the summer and the south in the winter who have registered to vote in both places. They don't seem to understand that only one residence can be primary. Got any ideas for a gas or food additive that can be added so that our citizens will wake up? I suspect this occurs in both of the major political parties.

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