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I'm amazed that you're able to do this yourself - and even more so that it comes out so well!

Also - looks like a Swatch from the 80s.
That's meant as a (huge) compliment.

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Oh my god, I so needed this right now. Well done!

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Bats. Baaaats. Motherfucking bats.
I work in a theatre, and one summer we had a real problem with those fuckers flying around in the house. I almost quit.

I've encountered them while walking down the street at night, and have hit the deck. I can't hang out after dark outside, because of bats. There is a strict protocol for entering the house after dusk in warmer weather - because no one wants me to have a bat in my house.

I know they're not going to do anything to me (I'm not afraid of them sucking my blood or whatevs), but they just fly so weirdly and...ugh.

On the upside, I saw a hypnotist and got mostly cured.

Also - BIRDS. No arms.

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I also have an intense dislike for butterflies. They are creepy as hell, and knowing that some of them feed on rotting corpses isn't going to help. They also move quite strangely. <shudder>

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I work for a venue, though in charge of audiences, not of sound - and I had quite the guffaw at the IT'S NOT A FUCKING COASTER bit. We had a travelling light guy come in with some rinky dink light board once, set up in the back of the house where there is always a clusterfuck of patrons/employees/people associated with the show, and proceed to crack open a bottle of white wine and drink straight from it, setting it down on the shaky table right next to his board. Unless he was trying to generate some insurance claim (yeah, right, insurance, good one), I have no idea why he did that...and when he wouldn't stop doing it for me (no booze in the house unless we sell it to you!), he effectively got himself barred from the venue. Good times.

And every single thing you said in this is 100% accurate, from every show I've worked to every show I've attended. Everyone's a goddamned expert.

EDIT: should also say that the travelling light guy was, of course, brought in by the opening artist; he was a friend. It's always the way!

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What exactly is "love teasin'" and how is a hidden gem involved?

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That show makes me wish I had cable.

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That, and she was cool enough to let Farmer Ted borrow her underpants for ten minutes.

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Do you think so? I might be firmly in the minority, but I was thinking that it's one of the better pics of Sheen that I've seen. I always thought that he was a little weird looking, like store brand jeans. He's like Rustler jeans.

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OMG, she was just SO COOL. Which isn't really a reason, is it? But she was. I wanted to be her when she was the uptight bitch with the fat girl's name (Breakfast Club), when she was the outsider with the pink Fastback (Pretty In Pink), and when she was partying with the Brat Pack. She either had a kind of X factor, or we were led to believe she did, and I certainly bit.

But she wasn't really a great actress or anything. Totally style over substance.