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This comment epitomizes why Soulja Boy was forced to apologize for one line in a song.

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"Patriotism used to stop critical thought." Yes, exactly. And when you refuse to stop thinking critically and you don't stop speaking out about the repeated wrongs done by the U.S., in the name of country, honor, bravery and every other word used by way too many Americans to help pump up their patrotism and collective egos, you're told that if you don't like it in the U.S. then you can leave. Because the one thing that this country hates is people who think for themselves and dare to speak out of line.
My recent post The West Memphis Three are Free: An Amazing Day Laced in Absolute Tragedy

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I was really surprised that no one made taramisu. That was the first coffee dessert I thought of when I saw the coffee ingredient sitting there, but no one went for it. Instead, it was a parade of half-cooked tarts.

I have never seen the British MasterChef, but I just started watching the British Kitchen Nightmares and oh my goodness, it is different! The British version is just so much more laid back, at least during the first season. I don't know if he progressively gets meaner throughout the series, but the first season has been almost calming to watch.

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Wow, I had no idea I was amongst such hardcore Millionaire fans. If I ever find myself having to answer questions about Who Wants To Be A Millionaire and I can phone a friend, I'll be sure to call you, dear Chuck!

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Ivy definitely should have went home! She wasn't just incredibly boring during this challenge, but a lot of her clothes just all look exactly the same--and they're all pretty boring. Casanova was growing on me; I didn't like him very much in the beginning but his clothes just kept getting better, or perhaps I'm just a fan of clothes for grandmothers--whichever.

Thanks for pointing out that Project Runway is produced by the Weinstein Company. I did not know that and now all of these actresses appearing on the show make total sense.

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Wow. So first Babble's list was based on numbers and then when no one was buying that obvious lie then it's not racist just because there are two women of color on the list? That is seriously diluted. Just like it wouldn't make sense for white women to be told that only two white women graced a list of 48 white men because women are clearly being represented if there are two featured in the list. Yeah, right.

One thing that especially bothered me about the list, other than the very blatant racism, is the most controversial list. The women who are the most controversial are the women who are involved in social issues, which to me, very much downplays the importance of the social issues these women have dedicated themselves to speaking out about. "Oh this mom writes about breastfeeding advocacy! This mom is bisexual and pro-choice! ...But don't take these women or their viewpoints seriously because they're just being controversial!" Simply put, if you have opinions and speak out about them, you are not "in the know", you are not "helpful" and you are definitely not gracing that "most likable" list either. You're just controversy.

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I totally agree that The Marriage Ref should come with a warning. I have seen a few episodes and every single time Allen and I have watched it, we have found ourselves well immersed in a bickering match over at least one of the couple's problems--and they're not even our problems! I only watched the show because it was on right after another show I watched last fall, I think it was Hell's Kitchen, but I can't be completely sure. Will I watch it this season? Maybe.

I am excited about Hell's Kitchen, though. I've seen every season of it and I just love it, regardless of Ramsay being a douche. Hell's Kitchen is definitely one of those shows that just is what it is; it's nothing super magnificent, it's just some mindless entertainment and I'm right there with you, enjoying the hell out of it. Of course, because FOX sucks they are airing Hell's Kitchen during the same night and time as Survivor on CBS and we all know how much I love Survivor! That's the show I'm most excited about this fall season, but you knew that, and also Glee and House. It's going to be a great fall season for TV!

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This post should be entitled "How many times can Renee type the word douche?" I was cracking up through the first paragraph of your rant here and just HAD to comment! I love that you Googled Joe Bastianich and that he isn't even a chef, but a restaurateur. That is just oh so fucking classic. I now feel the need even more-so than before to find him somewhere and tell him what a huge douche he is.

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Mississippi’s Message to the World: We Will Erase Young People Who Do Not Conform to Gender Norms: Another school in Mississippi is openly discriminating against a graduating LGBT student by excluding her from the yearbook because she wore a tuxedo for her senior portrait.

And I think you wrote a pretty awesome post this week on Women's Eye on Media that people should go check out:

Beyonce is a Feminist: Beyonce calls herself a feminist, feminists immediately begin policing and trying to exclude her from the feminist club.

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I am done with Casanova, I just can't take him anymore. Regardless of what the challenge is, it's apparent he's just going to look for the easiest way to make something, have no fun or put any creativity into it at all and just insist that he's right. The only drawback of Casanova going home is that no other designer seems to be lending themselves to such heavy comments from Michael Kors. If Casanova lasts even half-way into the competition, someone will be able to publish a book of quotes that came out of Michael Kors' mouth while critiquing Casanova's work.