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I didn't know anyone worked at Facebook; they've never answered any questions I've sent them, anyway...

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|| while berating a subway conductor

The New Haven line of Metro North is not a subway. Had this been an NYC subway conductor, Ms. Raju would have been summarily dispatched from the train before the iPhone camera was even on.

I vote for the profiles being fake.

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Wish they traded Joba before opening day back when he was worth something.

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"And it seemed real. It seemed like us and it seemed like, well, our home. If not Arizona, then a land not too far away. Where all parents are strong and wise and capable and all children are happy and beloved. I don't know. Maybe it was Utah. "

Ot maybe not. Holy Bing lookalike + scrollomatic widgets = nightmare!

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It's the karma Lenny, it's the karma... ;)

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NYY will play .750 ball w/o Joba's presence bringing them down. If he's lingering in the stadium during games, though, this prediction does not apply. You read it here first.

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Note: using [plus], [slash], and [percent] below because this comment editor is mangling the literal characters.

Botched launch by my perspective. Was on "[plus]1" webmaster waiting list... got e-mail from Google telling me to "get the code" at:


First attempt to click through: 404 page (the result of various redirections to a URL that spelled it "buton")

Next attempt (hours later): redirect loop between 2 URLs

Current attempt: "Too many redirects occurred" error

All done on a Mac. Same behavior observed in Chrome as Safari (current behavior: "This webpage has a redirect loop").

What a joke. Maybe they should just stick to search, e-mail, advertising, and other webmonkey work. For what it's worth, if the "[plus]" character is percent encoded in the URL with "[percent]2b", at least you can visit the page describing how to add "[plus]1" code. I'd put the encoded link here, but again, this editor is mangling it after I save it.

Either I'm totally wrong about URL encoding and special characters, or I'm the only person on the planet having this problem. I think the "[plus]" is getting rendered as a space by browser clients, at least on the Mac side (e.g. and that's the source of the problem. Yet another reason that "[plus]1" is a dumb-ass name for a product.

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It's hard to make something that ugly with Wordpress. Wow, he did it! Love to see that plugin roster...

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The actual link to the article is

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I wonder if he meant MySpace. Politicians are typically out of the pop culture/technology loop.