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This is amazing and I really need to see this show now! Thanks so much for writing it. I *love* this and identify with it enormously: "Make eye contact…OK, that’s enough, look away…"

I'm also curious if other people read Dr. Brenner from Bones as autistic? I get similar vibes from that character.

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I know I'm late to this party, but no love for Amy? Angry redheaded Scot who is the boss of everybody! I hate all the romance subtext in Doctor Who, because he is 900 years old and should be mature enough to be *way* over 20-somethings who don't know what they're doing with their life. Amy gets to turn that on its head -- they're close because they're family! And not even that father-daughter dynamic they make you think it's gonna be at the start: she's his MOTHER IN LAW!

Amy Pond: the boss lady.

(Also: Rory Pond.)

(Also I agree about Donna being great.)

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*reads 100+ comments ranting about MLMs*
"Wow, these things suck. I'm glad my friends don't seem to be getting into them."
*opens facebook*
*finds message from former classmate pitching their makeup MLM to me*

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Seconding this! Nobody telling me what to think, but pretty much everyone I talk to having cool opinions on important things, and also weekly lunch afterwards yay! This is the sort of thing I can do.

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I did inner corners.

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Hippoooooooooooos!!! I love this so much (as my username might have suggested).

It's long, and I admit I did not read the whole thing, but... "One Agricultural Department official estimated that an armada of free-range hippos, set moping through the bayous of Florida, Mississippi, and Louisiana, would easily yield a million tons of meat a year." Do they not know what hippos are like? The whole "most deadly animal in Africa" thing?

That's what I love about them: they're roly-poly, frumpy, plant eaters who can and will destroy crocodiles, lions, and you if you make them, and they DGAF.

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Oh man, I've gone through enough cycles of "what is this new thing happening to me, am I dying, no it's just anxiety again" that the latest ones are much less upsetting, but as of a few months ago, if I drink coffee, I get esophageal spasms that make it feel like I'm being *lightly* strangled all the time. I'm in the middle of a career change, so I guess I was due for something!

Irregular heartbeat is still my least favorite, but I sometimes get eye twitches, stomach cramps/nausea, and/or painful muscle tension in random places. Such variety!

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Having a space to retreat to is *super important* for me and a lot of my anxious, introverted family. Or identifying the family members that you can be with and still feel alone (in a good way!), if that makes sense. We had a big traumatic funeral in my family recently, and my cousin's kids are overwhelmingly loud and energetic and... just... abundant, and we had a very precious hour or so of me, my brother, and my mom hiding in a locked bedroom so we could chill and refill our introvert buffers.

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Couscous is super fast and easy to make (add to boiling water and let sit 5 min), and it's good for mixing in a protein and a vegetable to get something moderately nutritionally-rounded-ish. I often add frozen peas and scrambled egg, plus some garlic/basil/whatever to taste.

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Especially the way the placement makes it look accidental:

"Oops, I ran into the edge of the box already. Guess I'll just leave the rest off and squeeze in the only remaining letter I can fit!" --"Kelsi", probably.