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For Romance this places like book stores coffee shops are old pattern, I think this are just for start for friendship and never minds if going out for candle light dinners. After this night to drop girl at his house and then just a kiss make relations strong.

Then its common to come at home of each others houses... Just here women lack, they never impress men by wearing a very updated Lingerie dress up and impress the men. Then do all go things with food. But they should know the current fashion to impress...!

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Ah! ha! that just for cool. Every sexy women love to go all around it food quality, I guess it goes with good food at dinner and very hot Lingerie dressup which make every women feel better and confident . Nice reading for every one!

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Competently its our faults, But not in all the cases. Your video is really interesting and giving thinks to go in positive manner.

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Its truly good:
I point out words relating to my life too... thanks
"Tell me not, in mournful numbers,
Life is but an empty dream! ?
For the soul is dead that slumbers,
And things are not what they seem."

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My loving girlfriend just ware this type of Lingerie. And I use to tell here whats more you can wear!!! But after I get excited she tend to show more, and I forget about Ftv shows too....!

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I seems different miracles at different time, but no miracle have affected me to marry with some good girl! ?

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Best one! the post is best of all other..!

so my conclusion is - to be neither giver nor taker, else to keep balance...! yeah!!

But for Today is only Money. MONEY attracting abundance, you and me! so why to be away from it?

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Wider the world

wider the desire

So keep wider "wealth beyond reason" and you will get

wider things to fulfill yourself.

I loved your positive attitude towards such things...!