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i wish my scales was in the 140's.... good job, either way..

xoxo from Trinidad
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Way to get out there and run! Jealous!

xoxo from Trinidad

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Now this is when I stop reading your blog... JUST KIDDING. Im just bitter about not being able to run. Good luck in your training --- bit by bit. You are going to awesome, I know it! Run some miles for me this week!

xoxo from Trinidad

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hope u liked the egg bfast! :-)

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I live on my egg white mcmuffins. Microwave egg whites in a circular dish for about 45 sec., flip over sprinkle sharp cheddar on top. Toast a whole wheat 100 cal english muffin and microwave 2 pieces of turkey bacon and combine all parts together. Take like 4 minutes and its SUPER filling and delicious!

xoxo from Trinidad

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Hmmm...thats a toughie. Sounds like a blast! Id do it very slow if you do it and have fun. Look at it as more of a fun thing than a real race. I love SmartCoach on running world online. Worth every penny!

xoxo from Trinidad

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With everything that has been going on - I was out of the clot loop. Im so sorry girlie. At least I can say that I know how you feel with the staying home thing - Its been exactly 1 week since my surgery and it feels like I'll never run again. This process has been incredibly painful. Physically and emotionally. I wish you nothing but good news and I hope we'll both be running again soon!

Merry Christmas!

xoxo from Texas (couch ridden)

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Hi there...Im with you girl... Im up 10 pounds since I stopped running...totally sucks.
It's so insanely frustrating!! Stay patient and everything with work out...id head to another PT. They really work, if they're good!

xoxo from Texas

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We have matching shoes now!!! I love mine - they have a ton more support than my NB's and still look just as cute!!
xoxo from Michigan

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Great Post..very inspirational girl - loved the costume
xoxo from Trinidad