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Was your grandmother perhaps from New York or Illinois? Mary, who posted a comment above, may have a great deal of information that would be of help to you.

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I have some living relatives who could probably help with the identification... I just haven't been diligent and organized enough to get in touch with them recently. Thanks for posting a comment!

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Yup, not that widely-known. Here's a Wikipedia link that might prove helpful:,_California...

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Thanks! It was lots of fun, and we'll probably have several more groups coming through over the next few months. My goals remain modest: get as many kids as possible to go home saying "that wasn't anywhere near as boring as I thought it would be."

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Yup... I could really relate to his point about how we change personally when we turn to our ancestors.

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Yup, you're right. I'll try to get to it later this week.

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Glad to hear it, Eileen. It will take us a while to get it implemented, but we're really excited about adding this capability to Genlighten. We'll keep you posted!

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Thanks, Kevin! The illustration is still one of my favorite things on the site.

We just submitted our application to Techstars. It's a longshot for us, but it'd sure be nice to spend the summer down the street from you guys in Boulder.

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Thanks for your comment! We're actually looking to pilot this at the FHL in Salt Lake City. They have microfilm scanners there with the capabilities you mention. We also have lookup providers in our network who live in SLC and are at the FHL at specific times each day who could respond to clients' requests. When the FHL itself was closed, we'd need to rely on providers at satellite FHCs in different time zones. They'd obviously have access only to a subset of what's available at the FHL itself, but the coverage would still be significant and the response equally rapid.

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Glad to hear it! Thanks for your comment... we'll keep you posted on our progress.