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Listen to yourself! You are exactly what you claim to condemn. If YOU don't believe in something or value something, or anything annoys you then it should be destroyed. How then are you less of a terrorist than the Zionists and their U.S. supporters?

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Trillions given to 'rescue' multinational corporations, no questions asked. And for the average person now locked in their homes with no income? $1200 max, one-time payment? We are witnessing the greatest robbery and amalgamation of resources into the hands of the super-wealthy in history. It is their new world order nearly complete. Upcoming is world war 3.
All those mentioned in this article who need help the most and they will get none. The amount of money spent on military conquest alone could be used for everyone's prosperity and well being. But what are they doing? Ramping up military activity, particularly around China and Russia. Think about what this means the next time you feel an urge to start shouting Rah-Rah, U.S.A.! Because world conquest is the aim, and part of that conquest will be YOU.

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I have a digital copy on my computer of that huge book of modern history, Tragedy and Hope! I haven't attempted to read it yet but have read the introduction, written by someone who says they worked for a high-level Senator in D.C. This person spent 25 years traveling the world, attempting to verify if what Professor Carroll Quigley wrote was correct. It is. The world is ruled by international banking dynasty families from countries such as Britain, the U.S., Canada, Russia, China, France, Italy etc. They are nearly complete in their plan for a world order of their design. It will be a feudal system. These families are responsible for all modern wars. They set up the BIS, IMF, World Bank, the Federal Reserve System and all the other central banks who work in concert. They have created what the writer calls 'spider webs' of control. Those public faces we know and often blame are just the technocrats who run things. They were put in their positions and can be removed. What is happening now with this virus and the shutting down of the world economy is by design as the banker's bailout or buy up and choose the corporations that will remain. It is consolidation. Everybody else is going to suffer great need. They are also planning another world war!
Looking at events from this perspective is the only way I can see to explain how events are rolled out so quickly, such as the current shutting down of most of the world's economy. The same slogans used. The same slave training stickers on the floor of stores which are viewed as essential. The same rules. How does this happen unless there is a central authority giving orders to everyone? This is what the world faces and what is coming. It is such a tangled mess that only the good God Almighty Himself will be able to correct it.

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Bingo! Pepe Escobar has an article outlining it. ABC News quoted the same regarding a medical intelligence organization, an arm of DIA. They denied it. So, ABC News new about this before China and the intelligence community knew nothing? So, how did they know? And how many coincidences does it take before we say this was planned?

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I thought it was an excellent article in spite of all the griping against it in the comments. His first two paragraphs were a great open. But he is not the only one saying this. For those who think he is playing number games, I read an article last week from stalker zone which quoted statements by virologists, epidemiologists, and other experts who all agreed. 80% of those infected never even get sick. They are underestimating the number of infected and overestimating the number of fatalities. In other words, this is just another flu season. They could have put out a public health announcement suggesting older persons try to avoid crowds for a month. I'm 66 and apparently more vulnerable to this. I COULD DIE! There is no way I'm in for shutting down entire countries because I'm 66! Maybe (but probably not) we will now focus our attention on actual health instead of being content with poison food, poison water, and poison pharmaceutical drugs and vaccinations as part of our daily diet.

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Except the pillaging of Russia came from the west and the Harvard thieves and the Jewish mafia in Russia. Yeltsin was their puppet. As I've read, Vladimir Putin was chosen by the still patriotic command of the former KGB to undo what Yeltsin had done and try to save the country. He has done an amazing job, I would say.

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They would deal with civil unrest should a nuke go off in D.C.? I seriously doubt there is going to be civil unrest if that happened.

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What a terrible mess that is. In most other countries, certainly almost all western ones the economy has come to an end. There is a very high probability that the method of dealing with 'the virus' will have much more catastrophic and long term negative effects than the virus itself. And Bill Gates and Dr. Faucci want the solitary confinement to last 18 months? They best not try that stunt. It will kill a lot of people.
This reminds me of a quote from Frank Zappa, to paraphrase: When the charade becomes too expensive to maintain they will simply remove the furniture and pull down the curtain to reveal the brick wall at the back of the theater. That time has now arrived.

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I'm Canadian so this is tough. Blue Democrats and Red Republicans are both punching you in the face. Best to not play the game.
Am I close?

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And let's not forget 'diversity is our strength' and 'peoplekind'. Oh sorry. That was Trudeau, not Orwell.