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Our daughter is moving on with her life as well with the love and support of her family, being us, she is recovering. Please don't be so closed minded about other's opinions either. You don't really know and maybe don't understand why they feel the way they do. Instead you should show more acceptance of others ideas and not become so angry yourself. The person who violated our daughter was a nice man too, was affluent in the community as well - he was someone we then trusted. Sexually inappropriate behaviors are just wrong and why you don't get it is so sad.

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Oh my - You are so determined to speak down to anyone who does not agree with you. Thank you but you don't need to pray for me - I attend St. Ladislas church with my family faithfully. Shame on you for having no understanding of another persons view on this. Instead you seem to have such negativity in your words toward anyone and everyone who does not agree with you. Acceptance of the ideas of others is universally beneficial and is a great skill to have. You feel that all others views are inferior and then you attack the person. What happened to Fr. Snyder is sad but he will be receiving the help he obviously needs. It's like you believe nothing happened when it did. I'm not here to argue with people - just to express another opinion.
Shame on you for being closed minded and insulting to others.

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Hope you're not referring to me as the wise geek on this website. Some of your remarks do pertain to my subject matter. My feeling is that because of the consequences he has i.e. counselling, community service, and notifying the diocese - that he must have done some inappropriate act. What's done is done. Am I happy that this happened to him - no. However, I am glad that he will receive help. None of us truly know what he did - I don't and you don't. But my hunch is that he did do something inappropriate. For you to say "life goes on" after your family member was raped - my daughter at the age of 6 yrs was victimized by another man whom everyone thought was so nice. You do not know the devastation this inflicts on someone's life. When I hear of these situations, it just hits a nerve.

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Very true - I'm a parishoner too and this is very disappointing news. Yes he's "nice" and yes he's troubled.

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Sorry friend - he's guilty. I'm sure you know by now or atleast have heard. $5000 fine, a lawyer, community service, professional counseling, tell the diocese. These charges don't come about if you're innocent. Nice man or not, he has done something wrong and he needs to seek help. WIll be interesting to see if he serves mass today! He should be removed from St. Lads for some time. A slap on the hands for an act of Public Indecency is morally wrong!

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Like the truck driver just knew that he was a priest! Come on, he saw something, he reported it - that's it. How would you feel if this person flashed your son or daughter or wife!

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While I know it is hard to believe that a person whom you have admired and look up to, could do something like this - it does happen. Even "nice people" do bad things. He's guilty, read the court docket. He wouldn't have been arrested, he wouldn't have retained a lawyer. I have know Fr. Don for years as well, and sorry to say but it is him! He has a * problem and he needs help. Nice or not - it's a fact! This type of behavior isn't "normal" - doing something like this "in public" isn't normal. It's perverted and scary, and to all that don't believe this - you should be praying that he gets help and that his perversion didn't affect anyone else.

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For anyone who has been a victim of any deviant sexual behavior by another person whether it be a "flasher" or worse, let me tell you that it has a devasting life long effect on a person/child or adult! So to say we don't have forgiveness for this person, it isn't about that. Fr. Snyder has a problem that probably goes back farther than this incident. This probably isn't the first time, it's that he just got caught. He needs help and he should be removed from the parish and seek the help that he desperately needs. This isn't about him being a "nice person" or to those who say "he's just human". For goodness sakes, keep it private. He choose to go public and he got caught, and I'm glad because he needs to get help. This is about a man with a serious problem. I hope the diocese removes him from St. Lads. Don't judge those of us that feel angry about this because until someone you love is victimized by a perverted person like this and their life is torn apart for a VERY long time, you would feel the same way and understand.

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We live in Westlake and attend St. Lads, however, we are considering changing if Fr. Snyder continues to give the sermons. As of today, he served mass this morning. It's public record, he withdrew his not guilty plea to No Contest. Has to do community service, seek counseling and make sure the diocese knows about this. So my friends ...he is guilty for those of you that don't believe it. But he is still doing mass! I've read almost all of the comments on this site. I cannot come to look at this person with respect anymore.