spring chickens

spring chickens


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This is great!

I keep reading the last line "The toast dot net hath ruined all of us" as if it is Tennyson. :)

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I suspect he wants to offer you some surprise he's been preparing -- maybe he cooks, or whatever. (hopefully it's not the chains in the basement or something). I will differ a little from others in that I think you could still give him the benefit of the doubt by explaining straightforwardly that you don't feel you know him well enough to be going to his house yet, but are up for a restaurant instead, and see how he responds.

But only if you feel like it.

He should have explained more than "I like to be hospitable" if it's the case that he wants to cook for you or whatever, and he should be paying attention to your needs and feelings, not just his. It's an orange (persimmon? very-nearly-red) flag.

DEFINITELY I would not let him pressure you in any way to go to his house before you're ready. Doing that would set off loud alarm beeps on the safety creep-o-meter!

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noooo please let us not aspire to self-centeredness. It is so very different from sticking up for yourself, which is what I think you mean.

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oh the dutch dwarfs!

Love your story. I've only known mine post-fixing, and he eats out of my hand too, but favorite foods still occasionally get dragged in a mad dash off into hiding to be enjoyed in private, so that you see fennel fronds rhythmically wiggling just outside the entrance to one of his hidey-holes, no bunny visible but the fennel magically getting shorter and shorter by the second and a distinct crunching sound. He is often snuggly -- he is flopped out between my legs on the sofa right now as I type -- but it is more like living with a woodland animal than a domesticated creatures sometimes! (Not unsurprisingly given the breeding history).

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thank you all! I foresee dal in my future as well as turmeric and warm spices tea. I had been hesitating to make Indian food because it seemed too rich for hot weather (despite... the obvious weather in India, I am not well adapted to rich food in hot weather), but an iced spiced tea sounds delightful, and so do maybe some lighter Indian recipes like dal.

Am going to try shaving it into seafood too! Turmeric, turmeric, everywhere. And yellow finger tips.

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oh no, scared to death! That is the saddest thing.

Maybe the doe can get her tubes tied after she's had a few litters. Or the male. I hear it's good for their temperaments. Harlequins are adorable, and smart enough to be good litter-box-users too, I hear! Someday I'd love to have one.

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yes, I read them in high school too. And they are great for teenagers! But it is a little scary how many people didn't.

Yes, exactly. There are about a million matches for most of these books + contemporary lit because so much literature draws on them or comes out of them... and you can't notice that if you haven't read them first. I like your Medea/Beloved example. Hecuba/Beloved would be quite something, too.

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The Second Sex (Simone de Beauvoir) is also a fine place to start, especially if he has antiquated assumptions in the first place.

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good butter, salt, and sliced radishes.

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Does anyone have good recipes for fresh turmeric root?

I bought some at the farmer's market, and they were only selling large packets of it. So far I have been making tea with fresh ginger and fresh turmeric combined, and it is delicious, but I'd like to mix ti up. Should I be grating it into my seafood dishes? Or grating it into pots of rice? Or is there anything more interesting to be done?

excited for all my anti-inflammatory health benefits but wanting it to be delicious, too---