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Yes I read that also and sent it to the BNP for publication. It seems that Labour/Cons worship
alright mostly CASH. I guess if the Cons get in as Osborne's sister in law and converted bro'
are devotees we can expect a lot more COMPLIANCE with Sharia Banks.

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Email address for Dennis the Menace Fletcher is ' administration@eaststaffsrec.co.uk
Tel. # 01 283 510 456 or perhaps you may like to direct your questions about evidence or proof

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Instead of or combined with a protest email to the Burton Mail it would have more impact if a collective protest was sent to that idiot Denis Fletcher! He was bragging about inter relations then decides without any evidence that the Far Right are responsible. How does Fletcher know >it could be some local Muzzies are unhappy with successful 'inter relations' as this does not conform to Islam's plan of world caliphate.
I think a protest asking Fletcher to provide prrof of his accusations are required here.

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It's a positive sign that at least 1 BRIT.Judge is willing to apply what's left of British law but what will
the outcome be? I do have to question what the parents of these young girls are doing whilst their
daughters are at the mercy of racist muslims and others who use free drugs porn and their other
ploys to take advantage of young vulnerable girls? racial grooming could be stopped by a small mature 'community team' of local
parents perhaps ex soldiers or retired cops visiting areas with a few large dogs where this deliberate action takes place could be enough of a message that this will not be tolerated and there are consequences. I think what is lacking is cohesion of community spirit within the white areas but if it
were my kids I would be forming a team immediately and not relying on the local police or councils.

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How can Cameron and Brown face these troops and pretend that they care and support them?
Brown seriously underfunded the MOD for years [as did the Tories after the Falklands ] never expecting
for a nano second to have to go to an actual WAR. Then BLIAR was falling in ' lust 'with more power and cash which
are the Gods he truly worships and rest is History. NOW we have the prospect of Cam. being the next PM
and he's obviously planning on increasing the WAR effort as his gracious offer of blood money[ upping the ante] to the
troops implies. Imagine offering more cash knowing some of them will die before they can spend it.?
Cam. will not pull out until the order comes from Washington so if the sheeple VOTE for his party they
are definately signing on for a prolonged stay and more deaths/serious injuries. THE BNP have a superb
chance to gain thousands of votes on that basis and should campaign vigorously for an end of the UK's
participation.Nick could copy CANADA's stance.We have done our bit and we are quitting says Canada.
I also think that the defection to safe UK by 2 sonsof an AFG governor who could stay and fight if they
were n ot cowards is a testament of how unwilling the AFG';s are to fight so why should WE ?
The conspiracy theories that surround 9/11 and 7/7 are not such a crazy idea.I used to think it was but
it's shocking that I , through my job,reported some suspicious men to the CIA and the Ottawa USA Embassy
and one of the persons named on that list was MOHAMMED SIDDIQUE KHAN and yet he still was allowed
to blow up the LONDON tube in 07 and yet the CIA had his details in 01 in fact the 14SEP 01.Why was
he not apprehended?I have driven myself mad thinking of the consequences and the fact that they [the US]
were given lots of details by me and yet it didn't prevent that atrocity?? DIrty Biz at play here and dark forces.

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If we were w0rried about a couple of thousand from these islands wait til you read today;s Guardian !!
The Finance Minister in BANGLADESH is now seriously suggesting that "the WEST' is obliged to
accept between 30/40 million yes million people over the next few years from areas in Bangladesh
and other parts of that continent because it;s the west's fault that their land may become inhabitable.

I hope to God that Richard Branson's proposed flights into Space start operating for the masses
as that is about the ONLY space left after Europe and the UK is sunk by the collective weight of
I have a suggestion what about a mass purchase of some largish islands off the
Scottish coastline xclusively for the BNP party that can only be reached by sea no airport and the the members with boats
can do security patrols we have to have some place to keep our sanity if this 30million becomes a
reality. Any Takers for this serious suggestion i suggest Scotland as it could be relatively cheaper
and available.If you are interested leave me a message .

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<<<<< I think if this misnomer "EQUALITY BILL" passes in the Lords then the BNP party should
form a' RELIGIOUS BODY" to comply of course within the definition laid out by the BILL.

After all what is good for the muslims is in the eyes of equality should be good for us Chistians.
I am sure the Religious Bodies exempted in this BILL will have various methods for fund raising
activities so why shouldnt we copy that framework also copy the right for association found
within that Religious Body !!!! Sounds like a watertight plan that even Harri wish I were a Man Harman
cant interfere with.....

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POLAR Bears have increased 300% in the INUIT regions and the Inuit people are being deprived of their ancestral hunting rights due to the Global Climate change dogma and this is the tragedy of all
the deceit THE INUITS are the honest caretakers not the WEST.

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@ Gary

The reality is that many of the people with malnourished youngsters that you see and mention
upsets you is that they do not share your perception of that emotion. They have kids as it's
their tribal and ancestral habits that rule not being a product of civilisation as you know it.
They have a much less horrified reaction to death than you do but the NGO's and other charities
that make millions out of their predicament know these harrowing fotos mean lots of cash.
Before the advent of technology and intrusion by the 1st world life and death happened naturally
in Africa and other continents and the people just continue to do what they always have for centuries
and survived.Now the problem is caused by interference by BOB GELDOF types who by feeding the
poor who should have died as nature intended in the past have survived and contined to breed thereofre
perpetuating the problem of food. The West feed 99% of these people but how much longer can they afford to ???