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Poor life choices! I just had coffee with a friend - not just my second cup of the day (which is usually my last) but a third cup too. Now a little jittery. But, otoh, I had a great time with him and stayed away from the office for an hour, so I guess it's good to have the coffee to keep me awake until I can go home!

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Suggestion for an alternate title: TGIF!

I'm very happy (maybe "relieved" is a better word) it's Friday, but also feeling veeeeeery overwhelmed by everything I have to do this weekend. I basically have deadlines for 5 different (non work-related) things on Tuesday, one of which I forgot about and requires 8 hours of tv watching (a new Netflix show that comes out on Thursday and I have to watch and review before then), so mostly this Friday afternoon I'm telling myself to breathe.

How are you guys going to spend the weekend?

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Would it work with this account? It's a little strange - I found out at some point that I have two IntenseDebate accounts, one free-standing one and one linked to my Wordpress.

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Man, now I really wish I could vote in the US.

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I was about to suggest this! There's less sound to begin with because you don't keep moving it back and forth, and the sound of the motor helps too.

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I have a friend with misophonia. I only have it with a single sound, thankfully (someone brushing their teeth close to me), so that's easy enough to avoid.

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This may be more advanced, but I read Frankenstein for a college class and it really completely changed the way I looked at it: I thought it was boring at first but then found out it was fascinating.

I read Jane Eyre for the same class, and you can look at that from a bunch of different angles too.

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It is so amazing. I was hooked from the Mrs. Dalloway ref she start with!

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I never thought I'd have any. Then I got in a great relationship and entered my late twenties and started feeling a little ambivalent. But my partner does not want kids, and my desire for offspring never rose above "maybe? just one?" we decided to not have any kids.

I did have to push for a discussion (my partner was just fine at just leaving it at "uuuuuh.... Not right now anyway!" and running in the opposite direction), since I was sure about one thing: I wanted it to be an actual decision, not something that happened due to not deciding.