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Mr. Evans,

Seems like the large corporations are all falling all over themselves in their rush to line up for government sponsored monopoly powers, as example: GE, the insurance companies, the big pharmas, manufacturing companies, and the energy companies as well. They all want the government to regulate competition for them...hmmm...what's that called? You know, the word that liberals are always throwing around, oh yes, Fascism.
Bush's deficits are no larger than the thirty year average. The deficits after the Dem Congress and Obama are 4 times as large and growing. You really might want to read a little bit further than Daily Kos and you might realize that conservatives do not view large corporations or large government kindly. Also, you might consider that the reason jobs head over seas is that the unions drive them there. I worked in a car company and know first hand how heavy handed the UAW has been and is.

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I've read her book, seems pretty straightforward; she's not someone who grew up in affluence nor got any special treatments, nor attended an elite school where she was given her opinions; her ideas are rather small town, her own and, dare I say it, American. So, since I can't remember where she might have given the impression instigating your questions, please help me here and provide the links. I would like to see valid quotes that are actually her own, not "quotes" from anonymous sources.

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good luck with taking back the country. Holder and Justice have enabled ACORN to continue to get their money to invest in fraudulent voters, a million activists will be hired for the census, who do you think they will lean toward? Do you really think these crooks, liars and looters will allow you to vote them out of office?

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To an extent Titov is correct...the sub prime loans to "poor" people were not sufficient to cause the collapse. In addition, those loans were into areas that were not going to experience any meteoric rises in property value. However, by putting into place the conditions and mechanisms for those loans, it certainly assured the day when others, not "poor", would realize that they too could use these methods to leverage purchase of properties they couldn't afford and ride the appreciation curve to huge gains. Everyone bought in and the gold rush was on. Blaming the poor is wrong; blaming the legislators who overturned centuries of lending practice makes much more sense.

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Obama and the Democrats are everything that they accused Bush and the Republicans of being, when they clearly weren't.
I am not optimistic that America will survive this assault.

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it's interesting to note the absence of most the usual leftist apologists in the comments to this story and to the AGW scandal.

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I went through grammar school 50 years ago...it was Catholic, and I can't remember anything resembling this Stalinesque/Mao worship of Obama. I do remember the nuns being in favor of Kennedy...but never did they ever get us in groups and stand us up to sing the praises of the Irish Catholic senator.
And while my own children were in school, never did they come home to tell me about singing the praises of either Reagan or Clinton. I have no idea if this happened while Dubya was president; but please, does anyone seriously believe that might have happened?

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aren't you tired of accusing people of hate simply because they don't believe what you believe? Or that they just don't want to hand over control of their lives to mediocre government functionaries? Isn't it possible to you that that is the simple explanation?

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Best read of the day, thank you.

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they couldn't even figure out how to provide for people to urinate and defecate...and these people then went on to figure that they knew how to run the entire freaking world...