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It's obvious this Darby guy is just another white racist. How else could he possibly say such things??

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lol just let the kid see his grandpa!

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It's amazing to me that fans of the new emasculated BG are talking about "hot chicks". Where? Looking at that picture of 5 broads, I see not a single iota of femininity or attractive quality. I'll ignore the botox-freak in the middle who is obviously well-past her prime. Look at the other four. The Asian girl literally looks like a Korean guy I know with longer hair. Spitting image. The woman on the far left has a cut jawline and cheek bones, beady slits for eyes and big meaty, veiny hands. The woman second from right has a nasty squashed pug face and a little tomboy haircut (I seriously never got what was attractive about girls looking like 12 year old boys. I chalk it up to the subtle influence of a fashion industry driven by middle-aged homosexuals). The woman on the far right is the closest to attractive, she has the symmetry, but she's still got the sharp chiseled features, especially the jaw and cheekbones. Her neck is huge and what I'd expect on a gangly teenage boy. And they are all varying degrees of muscular. I like my ladies sans-testosterone. Then again the type of snivelling basement-dweller who is attracted to a grrl who could kick his ass is probably in desperate need of some testosterone. I always say we should make that bull-shark sht legal.

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I just read through the Global Anti-Semitic Review Act of 2004, and there is nothing there about jailing people for holocaust denial. It solely concerns reports of incidents of anti-semitism outside of the U.S and how they are being combated or in some cases encouraged by governments. It says nothing about enforcing laws or jailing people. What a surprise that the Jew hater is being dishonest.

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Hmm let's see... in the UK there was David Copeland, the nail bomber, several years ago.... more recently there was the holocaust museum shooter.... there was that guy who shot cops in the states a few months ago who visited stormfront... now just click over to thereligionofpeace.com and see how it compares

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Pakistan having nukes is bad enough. This is like America backing the the crips in their war with the bloods.

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How is Ahmadinejad even right wing anyway? Is it because he's a religious fundie? Is it because he's a violent hater?
Disingenuous leftists like Juan Cole are the ones who are framing this discussion, and they have successfully cast things like "hatred", "bigotry" and "genocide" as "right wing", as if the right has a monopoly on all things evil. They go and miscast people like Hitler and the Nazis as "right wingers" (always without actually defining what makes one "right wing") and ergo everyone who holds similar positions to Nazis must be right wing as well, even though just about every "evil right winger" the left goes after, from Mahmoud to Hitler to the Holocaust Museum shooter isn't "right wing" in any way

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What can one expect from such a class act as Juan Cole? He's one of the dhimmiest people around

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Islam retroactively fulfils it's own claims about men being uncontrollable rapists, by repressing their sexuality and covering all women who aren't relatives, Muslim men grow up deprived of any sort of sexual context, and therefore of course they are going to go nuts the second they see a hint of skin or figure.

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Michigan will be the first state to succumb to Shariah