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Unfortunately only temporary. It's around £40 now, I believe.

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Well then, she should only get a temporary peerage.

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And still the gravy train rattles on.

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Disqualify any opposition?

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The Conservatives won a large majority, despite all those perceived obstacles. That's why any tinkering with the constitution needs to be carefully thought through, and not just cloaking it under the false 'consolidation' flag. Firstly, boundary changes. The population has grown significantly since the last changes, so reducing the numbers of MPs (who, presumably have greater workloads than ever before) doesn't seem to make a lot of sense. Also, don't ignore the administrative issues when cutting across existing boundaries. Think about who will administer the voting etc? And finally, people don't necessarily want to be changed from, say, a red area to a massive blue one, where their votes won't count.

Other issues to consider is the headlong rush to stifle opposition. The BBC are regarded as being biased towards Labour, whereas Labour supporters think that the BBC is soft on the government. Apparently, the pile of complaints on a daily basis is almost equal! Similarly, the demonisation of immigrants is not healthy. Going down the route of removing anyone in the way, e.g. the Courts, C4 etc etc is a slippery sloe towards totalitarianism. Once this process is started future governments may have a lot fewer scruples.

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The views of Warsi and Amin were more or less ignored. Why would it be different now?

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Our man in Guatemala should do it.

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Interesting point. The overall Conservative vote was almost identical that achieved by Theresa May in 2017. It was the collapse of the Labour vote and the different spread that changed the result so dramatically.

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He was on here last evening,

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Have a read of this: