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Just what thoughtprejudiced redneck

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You must be the stereotypical Redneck to be making comments about people and neighborhoods you know nothing about!!!!!!

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You people really don't have clue what goeson with these do you? Maybe you should keep quiet on things your not informed on!!!

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Don't most small towns star out with open ditches? Then when they can afford to install storm sewers? So just because Cedar Rapids is a "bigger dog" nobody should care about these peoples problems that they did not have before the "big dogs" showed up on or back porch? People like you are what is wrong with world today ......If it doesn't affect me who cares....... is how people like you think!

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Like you could really tell from the picture.......Ya Republican loser!

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Furious_styles is just another narrow minded CR resident that stereotypes people by what they drive!