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Hernando De Soto once said the west, particularly Americans, have got two hands, two hands of "social contradiction". With their right hand they try to be altruistic and with their left they bribe you. Now, this Dr's hand is contradictory to the Bush-Obama administration's hand. They keep injecting the "barbaric" Meles regime with billions of dollars in the name of Anti-Terrorism, and want the few Tigrian farmer to pay the price!!!

Of course, for the blind majority of our diaspora, the speech by this Dr.' is inspiring, inspiring for disaster; only few realize that the "barabaric" rule of Meles exists essentially because of YOU - master of social contradiction!!!

Guns Don't Kill People, "People" Do!

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I have no idea how, but all of a sudden i found my self at Addismood listinging to Tekle Tesfazgi's best Album and I really enjoyed it.
Thanks Basha! ... I like track5 betam ...:))

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Hadish Hagos

what sense does it give you such a rubbish comment? This time Ethiopians know who is honestly standing besides them. Siye et. al. are what Ethiopians looking for!

Doomsday to Telamat weyane!

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One one hand it is sad to see our politicians mount on such shamefull alternative struggles
One the other hand it is disappointing to see weyanes strong desire to stick in power for indefinite period of time.
If weyane couldn't obey to the rule of law or held fair election, i would say, it is wise, at least, to follow the strategy 'yetim fichiw weyanen kesiltan aswegijiw' !

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የወደቀ ዛፍ ምሳር ይበዛበታል ነው ነገሩ:: እ/ር አገራችንን ይባርክልን:: የሙታንን ነፍስ በገነት ያኑርልን::

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በደንብ ገልጸህዋል ወንድሜ!
የመለስ ንግግር በደንብ ላጤነው የትግራይ ህዝብ ዲሞክራሲ አያስፈልገውም እንደማለት ነው :: ምርጯና አማራጭ ፓርቲ ፈጽሞ አያስፈልገውም እንደማለት ነው:: ያንን አሜን ብሎ የማይቀበል ህዝብ እንደሆነ እስካሁን እነ መለስ ግንዛቤ ሳይኖራቸው ከቀረ ግን እውነትም ህዝባቸውን አያውቁትም ማለት ነው::