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GM, now Chrysler? I will not participate in socialism or any illegal activity - whether is a drug cartel or a company that has by-passed the law for creditors... I will never purchase any product from this "new" debt free socialized company. Nor will I make any investment where my money will need the protection of the law. Obama is a thug.

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How will be mercury be cleaned from soil and water once energy saving mercury filled light bulbs accummulate in landfills. In 10 years, mercury will be in our ground water. Super funds need to be set aside in escrow accounts by manufacturers to clean up the pollution caused by their products. GE comes to mind. GE is "pushing" energy saving flourecent bulbs and taxpayer will end up funding environmental consequences if "superfunds" are not established. Since our government is dictating a push for green products and energy saving products (albeit maybe short sighted in nature), it would be a good time to start the requirement of building in a superfund for seen and unseen collateral pollution.

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I want Obama to create a projection of when he envisions our deficit being paid off, how, and by whom. We always hear our kids and grandkids will be paying for all the Tarp, Stim, GM occuring today. What is O thinking about this? What does he feel his predecessor will need to do to start chipping away at this debt? What kind of deficit "mess" does he see himself leaving?

I am sending this request to O and all my representatives. Although I have never heard a response from any other piece of my correspondence, I'm sure I will this time ;-)

Maybe I could take out an ad in the WSJ asking this as an Open Letter to the President. Wow, maybe we could all participate in the content of an Open Letter to the President and other legislators who represent us, We the People. Have bullet points of wanting answers to top questions ... not accusatory, or sacrastic, but honest and straightforward. Here are some things we would like to know so we understand how he see "things" unwinding after he leaves office or for better insight into the future plans (and projective as they might be) of our families, our communities, and our country.

What do you think?

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Here's what I think about the illegal situation:

-Come here illegally and you are not eligible for citizenship; ever. Eligibility has been forfeited.
-If children are brought here illegally, they may apply for citizenship once 18 years old, like other people apply for citizenship. Same rules as someone living in any other country.
-If here illegally and have an anchor baby; baby is [unfortunately] a citizen and parents remain ineligible.
-If you are here illegally, you can get emergency help (very very limited benefits) and a bus ride back to Mexico.
-Any $ wired out of the country, is taxed unless income tax has already been deducted via a system like E-verify.

Why do legislators think illegals need a pathway to citizenship. This is only one approach. That's all. Losing ones eligibility is an appropriate consequence and penalty. If a voting citizen is what the politician is aiming for, losing the chance for a voting citizen is an appropriate consequence for the politician's failure to create a plan for orderly entry into the country. A pathway is not a "right" for illegals or politicians.

Nor will pathing illegals bring people out of the shadows which is often sited. Staying in the shadows is profitable - no tax...lots of benefits. If an illegal is receiving cash for work, the employers will not start a payroll system for the person on a pathway. Collecting tax is a non-reason for amnesty. It won't happen.


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I've seen estimates where illegals applying for amnesty will be 3 times more than expected. Reagan projected there would be 1million people apply. It was 3 million. They came out of the woodwork. And many Mexicans immediately came to the U.S., purchased great looking paperwork which would qualify them for amnesty, and were "in". If estimates are 12 million illegals applying for amnesty, triple that number and you'll be closer to reality. It's true. Look at history. And the papers here in San Diego, are just looking more realistic everyday. It's cheap and available on every corner. There's a big market for "documents". Where there is a demand; there is a supply.

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Don't forget citizenship for the anchor babies whose mothers are legally here. Say, the mom has a tourist visa. Oh my GOODNESS!!! While I was ***visiting*** San Diego, I went iNTo ...LABOR. Oh my goodness!! I can not believe while I was staying in the hotel for 2 weeks -- well it was almost like...like waiting until I went into labor -- thank goodness I was close to a good hospital!!! But it all worked out fine; junior is a dual citizen now. That's just so sweet. And, the medical bill will hard to collect since I reside in Mexico and...and just visit the U.S. Everything works out great!!! It's kinda like having my cake and eating it too.

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I don't understand why we are in bed with Mexico. Seems corruption may cross borders as well - our representatives must be on the take for such a blind eye to be turned. Something smell foul. Something's not right.

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Here's my first vent:

I'm still wondering why u.s. government gave the majority of tarp $ to banks in germany, france...and other foreign countries. As a taxpayer, who has trouble saving a nickle, why am I supporting foreign banks. I also understand much of BofA Tarp funds were sent to foreign banks. I don't get why I am skimping to support a bank in Germany.

Somebody - how can I get an answer? And from whom? I write, but no one answers. Who do I ask?

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my husband works 70 hours a week on his job - yes. he is paid well. if others work 70 hours a week, they would make more too. Why is my husbands hard tiring work seen as "let's take away from us to give to others." I say, get your butt out there, work 70 hours a week, travel so you are not home, and exhausted on the weekends.

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1) I wonder, what all the "youthful" vote that Obama received, now feels about the huge deficit they will be paying?

2) Obama seems to think that since "I was elected" gives him the "I can do what I want to do" attitude. I'm not sure where all this is coming from. Maybe that is how professors are treated in their classrooms. I don't get it.